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Paper Towel Dispensers for Your Washroom

Paper towel dispenserPersonal hygiene is extremely important and one of your best defenses against illness. With 80% of infections, such as the flu, spread by bad hand hygiene, it is no surprise that improper hand washing can cause serious health complications. And when it comes to keeping your hands clean, thorough hand drying is just as important as good soap lathering and rinsing. Here at Concept Cubicle Systems, we are passionate about improving washroom hygiene standards and one of the ways we do this is by providing paper towel dispensers for toilet facilities. Our paper towel dispensers come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials, and they are beneficial for washroom facilities in the following ways:

Quick and Easy to Use

More often than not, when using public washroom facilities, people are in a rush. Whether you’re using office toilets quickly between meetings or popping into the toilets while shopping in the mall, it’s often done quickly and, as a result, hand washing and drying is not always carried out properly. We know that our customers want quick solutions to their hand washing needs, which is why we provide paper towel dispensers that are quick and easy to use.

Our paper towel dispensers can be easily used to dry your hands within seconds. There are Various Paper Towel Types Depending on the preference of the people in your facility, there are various types of papers towels available. Coming in a variety of thicknesses and colours, you can choose the paper towel style that works for you. This is ideal as it provides enhanced user experience and a sense of luxurious pampering.

Quieter Than Air Dryers

There are many examples of where reduced noise is extremely beneficial, but the most common are hospital wards where people are recovering and require very little noise disturbance, or in an area with very thin walls that are backing onto a noise sensitive area. Our paper towel dispensers are perfect for environments where hand drying needs to be done quietly.

Our Paper Towel Dispensers  

Here at Concept Cubicle Systems, we only want to supply our customers with the best products available and that’s why we sell a variety of high-quality paper towel dispensers. Check out the range of dispensers we sell below.

Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Dispensers, 500 Sheets Ref: 510601S - see it here

Paper towel dispenserOne of our most sleek paper towel dispensers, this wall-mounted product looks clean and professional in your bathroom facilities. Each dispenser holds 500 sheets of paper, serving hundreds of bathroom users before running out. The details of this wall-mounted paper towel dispenser are listed below: Vandal-resistant model Central divider accessible from below Includes lock and level control Wall-mounted Stainless steel 1m thick Dimensions: 215 x 215 x 265mm. The advantages of this paper towel dispenser is that it’s rustproof (ideal for damp or moisture-prone environments), vandal-resistant, and a simple maintenance design.

Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Dispensers for 500 Sheets Ref: 510602S - see it here

This paper towel dispenser is ideal for folded paper towels and holds 500 sheets. Wall-mounted for convenience and ease of use, this paper towel dispenser only dispenses one sheet at a time, reducing the likelihood of unnecessary waste. What’s more, stainless steel material of this paper towel dispenser reduces bacterial development and keeps your bathroom cleaner for longer. 

Paper towel dispenser

This paper towel dispenser has the following additional features: Comes with lock and standard key Level control Has 500 sheets Polished satin 304 stainless steel Stainless steel 1mm thick Dimensions: 160 x 285 x 390mm. Paper towel dimensions: open 230 x 250mm, folded 115 x 250mm.

Paper Towel Dispenser and Bin Ref: 2561D - see it here

This fantastic paper towel dispenser also has a bin for hygienic bags. It has a capacity of 9 litres and a hinged cover with a lock that provides security for an effective bathroom facility. The stainless steel material is 1mm and the dimensions are 115 x 245 x 350mm, so ideal for a busy washroom facility. The advantages of this paper towel dispenser are that it’s easy to install, a sleek and professional design, a bin to prevent rubbish build-up in the bathroom, and a 10-year warranty.

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