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Laminate Duct Panels for the Commercial Industry

Laminate Duct Panels for the Commercial Industry xxx

Here at Concept Cubicles Systems, we are constantly working on ways to further develop our products and services. Working in the commercial industry is a constantly evolving and demanding market, and it is our personal mission that our products match the high expectations that come with modern evolution.

Our laminated duct panels are specifically designed to fit into any commercial property, and we take great pride in the versatility of our duct panels. Our designs have been specifically created in order to conceal any pipework, cisterns or internal structures that do not meet our high levels of aestheticism.

With contemporary architecture and design constantly evolving and improving, our task is to ensure we keep up with societies strict and demanding design culture.

If you’re a contractor working in the commercial sector, then our laminate duct panels are perfect for ensuring you have a high-end finish for your customer.

Our Design

Our main aim for our duct panels is to ensure they look a grade above the rest. Our duct panels are made to match our cubicles, lockers, and bespoke bench seating. They can also be used in shower areas, as a substitute for wall panelling, not only does this offer a warmer environment, but it also looks clean and welcoming.

Duct Panels in Commercial Areas

Our commercial duct panels span across a range of areas, including office blocks, company buildings, hotels, and shops. Such commercial areas must often cater for large amounts of people daily, so it is our job to ensure that each of our products performs and looks the way it should. Our range of duct panels are especially popular within the commercial industry, thanks to our dedicated design team and efficient engineering sector.

Please note: these particular access panels are supplied with a hook-on, or push-on clips as standard. Though, this can be factory assembled with hinge and lockable access panels if you desire a securer fit.

Specification – FORCE 12mm CGL Duct Panels

  • 13mm Compact Grade Laminate Access Panels.
  • 19mm High Pressure Laminated MR MDF shadow gaps for dry areas or 13mm Solid Grade Laminate shadow gaps for wet areas.
  • Hook on or push on clips (standard) or hinged and lockable for additional security.

Specification – FORM 19mm HPL Duct Panels

  • 19mm High Pressure Laminate MR core access panels.
  • Edged all round with 2mm PVC as standard or vertical postformed edges at an extra cost.
  • 19mm High Pressure Laminated MR MDF shadow gaps.
  • Hook on or push on clips (standard) or hinged and lockable for additional security.

Despite being based in Manchester, we deliver to multiple areas across the UK and nationwide. Commercialism is currently a concept that is rapidly increasing in modern society, and we are constantly striving to meet the demands of the growing commercial industry.

If you are a building contractor, or you own a commercial property, be it an office, a building complex, shop, hotel, or whatever it may be, you’d be foolish to not consider our bespoke service. Why let down your suitors with a washroom or bathroom that does not match the architectural integrity of the remainder of your property? We do our utmost to offer competitive prices to ensure that your property receives the elegant renovation it needs.

Our team covers the entirety of the UK, and offer a wide variety of bespoke services to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work. We’re very flexible in regard to the setup as well – if you’d prefer to handle the installation yourself, then that’s fine by us. Though, if you would like to utilise our expert installation services, then we will happily oblige.

So, if you are a building contractor or tradesmen working in the commercial industry, or you own a commercial property, then why not make your mark, and stand above the rest by choosing our bespoke duct panels? At Concept Cubicle Systems, we do the hard work so you don’t have to. We guarantee that we’ll find a solution that will fit both your budget and high expectations.

For any more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’re happy to talk, no matter how big or small you question or concern. Contact our sales office on 0161 241 9066 or e-mail us at sales@conceptcubiclesystems.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.