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Concept Cubicle Systems Ltd is committed to safeguarding the environment, natural resources and the health of its employees and their community. Our commitment extends to the incorporation of sound environmental practices in our business decision-making process. Where possible, the Company shall endeavour to use biodegradable materials for cleaning and the like. Where this is not possible further measures shall be taken to reduce the amount used.

Accordingly we will:
Comply with national and local laws, regulations, and permits and will set standards that are more stringent where we believe them to be appropriate.

Take into account the environmental impact of all new services, contracts and projects. Identify, examine and evaluate the significant environmental effects of our activities at each operating site.

Progressively reduce and, where practicable eliminate significant environmental effects.

Conserve energy and other natural resources, wherever reasonably practicable.

Minimise the risks of spillage and similar environmental events.

Actively seek opportunities to encourage and promote best practice of environmental performance
in our industry.

Control and reduce waste, and recycle material wherever possible.

Ensure that if contractors are working on our behalf, they abide by this policy and within the scope
of works undertaken.
Mr John Beaumont (Director).