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Laminate Duct Panels for the Leisure Industry

Laminate Duct Panels for the Leisure Industry

We offer stunning laminated duct panels that are tailored perfectly for the leisure industry. They are designed to conceal pipework or cisterns behind WC’s or Urinals and add an elegant touch to any washroom. These duct panels are manufactured to match our cubicles, lockers and bench seating, and provide a high end feel without costing the earth. They can also be used as wall panelling for shower areas and offer a warm, welcoming yet clean environment for your patrons.

All leisure facilities, whether they be private gyms, golf club houses or sport centres require washroom facilities and laminate panelling can provide a more aesthetic finish than tiling, and is often cheaper.  Our range is especially popular with joiners or contractors with customers in the leisure industry. Our laminate duct panels are hugely popular in the leisure industry and we supply to the whole of the UK.

Note: These access panels are supplied with hook on or push on clips as standard but can be factory assembled with hinged and lockable access panels for additional security.

Specification – FORCE 12mm CGL Duct Panels

  • 13mm Compact Grade Laminate Access Panels.
  • 19mm High Pressure Laminated MR MDF shadow gaps for dry areas or 13mm Solid Grade Laminate shadow gaps for wet areas.
  • Hook on or push on clips (standard) or hinged and lockable for additional security.

Specification – FORM 19mm HPL Duct Panels

  • 19mm High Pressure Laminate MR core access panels.
  • Edged all round with 2mm PVC as standard or vertical postformed edges at an extra cost.
  • 19mm High Pressure Laminated MR MDF shadow gaps.
  • Hook on or push on clips (standard) or hinged and lockable for additional security.

Concept Cubicle Systems supply cubicle systems to multiple industries throughout the UK. We are based in Manchester but can deliver nationwide. Our systems are particularly popular in the leisure industry and we work with our customers to provide a design and build that will meet both their budget and quality expectations. If you manage a building firm and have renovation contracts in the leisure industry, whether it’s a gym, a rugby or football club, or a village hall where you offer classes, then why not go the extra mile and have a washroom your customer can be proud of. At Concept Cubicle Systems we strive to keep our prices competitive and we offer elegant solutions to ensure your washrooms stand out from the crowd.

We cover the whole of the UK and we offer multiple services to ensure our customers are always happy. We can either just supply our high-end products, and let you handle the installation, or we can arrange to have one of our expert fitters carry out the installation for you.

If you own a business in the leisure industry and want something that’s a cut above the standard washroom tiles you see in multiple places across the UK, then contact us at Concept Cubicle Systems and we’ll find a solution that will suit your budget exceed your customer’s expectations.

For further information or to request free advice for your project please call our sales office on 0161 241 9066 or e-mail us at sales@conceptcubiclesystems.co.uk