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Save Water and Raise Money for WaterAid

We are Concept Cubicle Systems, a business specialising in the washroom industry and seeing first-hand how much our country takes access to clean water for granted.

It may come as no surprise that people waste gallons of water every single day. It's a crime we have all been - to some extent - found guilty. Saving water does not require a massive change in our day-to-day regimes, instead, it simply requires a little thought and due diligence. Something as easy as brushing your teeth without running the tap can save thousands of gallons every year.

Here at Concept Cubicles, we don't think enough is being done to raise awareness of the water crisis on our planet. That's why we have decided to conduct a 'Postathon'.

What is a Postathon?

Concept Cubicles


A 'Postathon' is how our team at Concept Cubicles are going to raise awareness of the water crisis around the world. Our content team will be focusing on writing a series of informative and factual articles about water wastage in the UK and how it can be reduced. These articles will then be sent out to various companies around the country.

For every article published on another company's website, Concept Cubicle Systems will donate £10 to WaterAid. Through this campaign, our goal is to raise a whopping £1,000 for WaterAid and the tremendous work they do.

Why Are We Doing This?

Saving WaterThe facts say it all:

  • 3.3 billion litres of water are wasted every day in the UK through leakage.
  • A single leaking tap wastes as much as 5,000 litres of water each year.

Our country is privileged to have clean water in every home, business, and public space. However, this privilege has made us forget that it's not like this everywhere. One of the biggest factors of water waste in the UK is a lack of awareness. We need to make people aware of their water usage. This starts by educating them on how they:

  • Use their water
  • How much they use
  • How they can support those without this life necessity

By understanding the different ways in which people are using their water, we will be able to identify and discover new ways to help people save water.

How are We Raising Money for WaterAid?

WateraidWaterAid help countries in desperate need of clean water gain access to water that won't make them sick and doesn't force them to walk miles every day. Not only does this provide those in need with a basic necessity, it also keeps them healthy, clean, and allows the children to go to school because they will no longer spend the majority of their days in search of water.

WaterAid work hard to provide clean water in countries, towns and villages that need it most. But they need our support. WaterAid work in some of the toughest places and conditions in the world to deliver clean water and toilets to those who are most deprived and need our help. They need individuals, families, and companies to raise awareness of the water crisis globally. The more noise we make, the more money we raise, and this will allow us to continue funding important charities and campaigns focused on saving water.

How to Save Water and What You Can Do

Here are some easy water-saving tips to help you reduce your water wastage:

  • Stop running the tap while brushing your teeth – this can waste 4 gallons of water every day!
  • Install a new toilet. Old toilets can use up to 3 gallons of water with every flush, while modern replacements use only 1 gallon.
  • Fix leaking taps. We know it's a hassle to call in a plumber, but it has to be done because one leaking tap alone can waste as much as 5,000 litres of water each year.
  • Don't buy bottled water – 1/3 of the world spends money on bottled water that could pay for projects providing water to people in need. So, rather than buying bottled water, donate the money you'd spend to charity and carry around a reusable bottle everywhere you go – it will help reduce plastic waste and save the environment, too!
  • Take showers, not baths. On average, it takes around 70 gallons of water to fill a bathtub and around 18 gallons of water for the shower.

Why We Need to Raise Awareness

  • 844 million people don't have clean water close to home.
  • 31% of schools don't have clean water.
  • 3.3 billion litres of water are wasted every day in the UK through leakage.
  • Unsafe water kills 200 children every hour.
  • 80% of all illnesses in the developing world is water related.
  • Many people in the world exist on 3 gallons of water per day or less. We can use that amount to flush a toilet once.

Being aware of water wastage is one of the most important things we can do to help towards this cause.