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The Latest Toilet Cubicle Systems Designed for Every Sector

Why Choose Us?

Toilet cubicle systemsOur team offers a nationwide service providing and installing toilet cubicle systems across the North West of England. The cubicles we provide and install are hand-selected by our experienced staff based on three primary factors:

  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Aesthetics

All our cubicles are tailored to your exact requirements.

We have The Toilet Cubicle Systems Range

We provide a variety of toilet cubicle systems across four sectors: education, commercial (office), healthcare and leisure. Each of our toilet cubicle systems has been designed to match the requirements and aesthetics of its sector. Our education cubicle systems, for example, are designed to withstand constant use and come in a variety of designs (from primary school to colleges and universities).

About our Toilet Cubicle Range

Education - this range is aimed at the education sector. From primary schools to colleges and universities, our education cubicles are designed to meet the requirements of the education sector. Our Little Ones range is bright and colourful, perfect for a nursery environment. The panels have been specifically designed to be low-level so that children do not feel overwhelmed. This design also includes magnetic catches to ensure no accidental lock ins occur. Our little ones range is also designed for easy cleaning and requires little to no maintenance once installed.

Commercial - all cubicles featured in our commercial range are designed to look sleek and professional. We offer four design options:

Fast Track - ideal for low use office washrooms (primarily used by staff). They are designed for easy maintenance and swift installation, an ideal choice for all commercial washrooms.

  • Force Commercial - durability is the key feature in our force range. They have been designed to withstand high amounts of traffic while retaining a smart, professional design.
  • Curve - this is one of our premium toilet cubicle systems. This design comes with curved aluminium pilasters for added professionalism. These can also be powder coated to match the panel colour and generally improve the aesthetics.
  • Reflect - another sleek and powerful design option. Our reflect range includes steel laminated pilasters to offer a smart, elegant finish. It’s also designed using high pressure laminated MR MDF, offering a robust, durable design.

Healthcare - when it comes to healthcare, our main priority is ensuring strict hygienes standards are met. We stock two cubicle systems for the healthcare industry:

  • Postform - a practical and easy-to-maintain option for healthcare industries looking for a smart and practical cubicle.
  • Force - our force range is designed to withstand constant use in the healthcare industry. We use compact grade laminate material to defend against vandalism and moisture.

Leisure - we understand the diverse requirements of leisure centres, which is why all our toilet cubicles are designed to merge seamlessly with your current design elements. Our two cubicle options are:

  • Olympus Fully Framed - specifically designed to withstand moisture and wetrooms, this system is incredibly durable and moisture-resistant. It also comes with a pivoting food to help accommodate for falls in floors.
  • Olympus Glass - ideal for leisure centres who want to combine durability with elegance. Our glass cubicles’ main benefit is how they can merge with any setting. Each system is manufactured from 10mm toughened glass with polished edges, ideal for spas, golf centres and health clubs.

All ranges also come with duct panels and vanity units if you’re looking to complete your cubicles and washrooms.

Areas We Cover at Concept Cubicle Systems

Here at Concept Cubicle Systems, we are passionate about making our toilet cubicle services available in a wide variety of sectors. We also recommend you explore our washroom accessories to add some key features to your cubicle system.

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