Tips For Installing Toilets in Shopping Malls

Tips For Installing Toilets in Shopping Malls

When it comes to effective washroom design the biggest challenges are in the public sector. The public has different demands for washrooms in settings such as commercial buildings or offices. A particularly challenging design is in creating systems for toilets in shopping malls, as there are many unique considerations.

Public bathrooms are a major step up from bathroom interior design for homes. Shopping centres will have to contend with the following issues, and plan around them if they want an effective outcome:

  • Fluctuating use levels: Public toilets in shopping malls face a big challenge during design as there is not a consistent level of use. We have all been into lonely desolate malls, and contrastingly seen the amount of traffic a busy period can generate. Washrooms in shopping centres require careful balance.
  • Cleaning requirements: You are going to have to clean toilets in shopping malls regularly. As there are likely to be large numbers of cubicles and multiple bathroom facilities within a mall this can be a challenge. Mall designs need to take into account ease of cleaning and maintenance to be workable.
  • Accessibility needs: In a shopping mall you cater for a wide range of people, therefore you need fully accessible facilities at the right locations to make sure that people living with disabilities are served. Regulations differ between countries, but facilities for all mall patrons is important for business.

When thinking about planning washrooms and cubicle systems in shopping centres it can be difficult to know what the best approach might be, perhaps because the amount of variation and choice is so overwhelming. However, as experts in installing toilets in shopping malls and many other sectors, we are well-placed to explain.

The toilets in shopping malls can be functional, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing with the right approach – and here we will explore a bit further. If you have a project to complete in a shopping centre and would like imaginative washrooms delivered by leading bathroom design experts, please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.

What to Think About When Installing Public Washrooms in Malls

Malls are quite strange places, you can easily spend a whole day there or just half an hour. Some malls incorporate restaurants, cinemas and other facilities that make it quite possible to remain ensconced within the building for the longer term. As such, washrooms and toilet facilities are crucial to get right.

Think about the following when installing toilets in shopping malls or other large scale shopping centres:

  • The number of toilets:Easily the most important consideration is the number of toilets that will be available. As a general rule, there will be very busy times and very quiet times in shopping malls, so you need to make sure that there are enough to handle the demand. Queues and waiting make for unhappy shoppers, which is bad for business.
  • The number of sinks: The second most crucial aspect of a shopping mall washroom is the number of sinks. Trough sinks make it easier to let many people visiting a bathroom easily wash their hands at once, while also saving space – so this is a great mall design tip that savvy designers might go for.
  • The number of cubicles: If you are having sex-separate bathrooms, then you only need to consider the urinal to cubicles ratio in the male-only toilets. Remember that waiting times for female-only toilets are much more of an issue, so they will require a significantly higher number of cubicles to be effective.
  • Accessories: Depending on the type of shopping mall you are developing, you may want a few accessories. Bathroom mirrors are essential, and should not be considered an accessory, but you may also want electric hand dryers, soap dispensers and even hairdryers in some cases.
  • Aesthetics: Bathroom decor is not something that should be eschewed when designing toilets in shopping malls. Cheap acrylic finishes and wood grain panelling can provide a luxurious look without the price tag, as can chemically resistant paint – that will also make maintenance much simpler.

A bad bathroom in a shopping centre can actively suck business away from the area. If there is a poor design, delays from excess users and stoppages when things go wrong can make that section of the mall unappealing to shoppers and tenants. Good bathroom design will deliver a sufficient user experience through intelligent planning.

Top Tips When Installing Toilets in Shopping Malls

Having an effective washroom and bathroom system is important for many sectors, with a commercial space like a shopping mall having unique considerations.

There are significant challenges beyond these considerations, namely planning and installing the precise materials for the space. Designs can change, and modern installations use technology such as building information modelling (or (BIM)), which allows projects to be planned almost to the last screw parts.

The efficiency gains from BIM allow for a larger number of toilets or other bathroom features to be installed most cost-effectively, as avoiding waste and construction difficulties is the easiest way to see expenses remain under control.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss installing toilets in shopping malls using BIM.

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