How Concept Cubicle Systems
helped the NHS prepare for COVID-19

The Project

As hospitals scrambled to ensure their facilities could cope with the increase in patients resulting from COVID-19, our customer base was facing a perfect storm.

Tasked with projects across multiple sites throughout the UK, they had to navigate huge supply chain issues, unprecedented working conditions and incredibly tight timescales to make sure facilities were ready to help coronavirus patients recover.

And that meant we did too.

The modular projects ranged from extensions to new-builds in locations throughout the UK, including Wolverhampton, Cardiff, Essex, Preston and Wigan.

We were responsible for supplying and installing duct panels for each hospital project, as well as providing bed head units for a number of them.

The Solution

With COVID-19 cases building quickly, NHS Trusts needed to increase capacity on a very short timescale.

For us, it meant working 24 hours a day on fast-tracked projects in less than a third of the usual lead time – and we’re pleased to say that we were able to deliver.

It was a case of being in constant contact with our supply chain and customers, resulting in us supplying and installing more than 2,500 duct panel sets.

We’ve had some brilliant feedback from our customers, including Darwin Group, who we worked extremely closely with on a number of hospitals.

The projects were a huge success and while it was undoubtedly challenging, we are enormously proud to have been part of such an important national initiative.

Products Used

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