For a self-contained compact design, Superloos provide full hand-washing facilities including a toilet, sink and multi-appliance mirror box, within a single-occupancy cubicle.

Through our inclusive design, we deliver a gender-neutral washroom solution that can withstand constant daily use providing durability with its hard-wearing materials yet comfort in sleek aesthetics.

Available in a number of our high-end design finishes, Superloos offer an enclosed space that is easy to maintain and most importantly, ensures complete privacy without the need for shared facilities.

Click the tabs below to view different options.

Option 1 is a “Superloo” built using manufactured cubicle materials. The vanity top/unit is full length to hide pipework and services. The WC is offset to accommodate the vanity unit.

  • Full-length vanity unit
  • Manufactured from cubicle material
  • Offset WC

Option 2 is a “Superloo” with stud partitions, very similar to option 1 but with a central WC and a shortened vanity unit. Services can be put within the stud wall. Pipe boxing is used at a low level between the duct panels and vanity unit to hide pipe work.

  • Stud partition
  • Shortened vanity unit
  • Low-level pipe boxing between duct panels and vanity unit

Option 3 is a “Superloo” with the wash-hand basin fixed to the duct panels in line with the WC. This is a very common layout but has the largest footprint of the 3 options.

  • Wash-hand basin attached to duct panel
  • Largest footprint