Sunlit Days Vanities are the centrepiece to luxury washroom toilets, transforming them into a distinctive space inspired by the effortless beauty of the Mediterranean.

Sunlit Days by Cosentino is a bold and eco-conscious washroom option, and we use advanced fabrication techniques to create unique vanities that can be made bespoke to your requirements.

Details make a difference

Bespoke basins enhance high-end commercial washrooms - choose from several options.

Vanity VB500

Vanity VB600

Vanity VB700

Sunlit Days Silestone® is manufactured using 100% renewable electricity and 99% reused water. Cosentino offsets any additional emissions through UN-backed carbon removal schemes.

HybriQ+ Technology

Blending quartz, other premium minerals, and recycled glass, HybriQ+® allows for deeper colours, textures and shades. Each HybriQ+ sheet uses a minimum of 20% recycled materials.

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