Toilet Cubicle Dimensions, Sizes and Regulations

What Are The Standard Toilet Cubicle Dimensions in the UK?

Each toilet cubicle must be designed with the user and location in mind. For example, toilet cubicles vary in accessibility in different settings. Leisure centres, schools, commercial properties and hospitals all have different toilet cubicle layouts. Below, we will discuss the variations of toilet dimensions to get a better understanding of the requirements.

It is usually wise to consider cubicle sizes for walking wounded (ambulant style) and disabled (DDA Compliant). For more on regulations and requirements click here.

Standard Cubicle Dimensions

Every standard cubicle by law must now have a minimum of a 450mm diameter for the user to manoeuvre in. We have highlighted the following sizes to outline a recommended guide on toilet cubicle dimensions:

  • Standard Dimensions – 850mm wide x 1500mm deep
  • Inward Opening Door Type

Indicator-bolts must also be capable of being operated with a closed fist (i.e., easily accessible for people with mobility issues) and doors must operate in such a way that complies with emergency evacuation procedures. If the cubicle were to collapse or become damaged, the user must be able to get out without becoming trapped.

There are different types of designs and regulations determined by your requirements. For example, do you require gender-neutral toilets? Or, do you need to know about office toilets or cafe toilets?

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Disabled Toilet Dimensions

Obviously, disabled toilets are naturally required to be bigger in order to accommodate for both wheelchairs and the physically impaired.

Every same-sex toilet cubicle should have a minimum of one WC cubicle suited for such users. If the establishment in question only has one toilet cubicle, then it must be suitable for an ambulant user. The toilet cubicle must also feature an outward opening door for accessibility.

  • Standard Dimensions – 850mm wide x 1500mm deep (800mm minimum width between surfaces)
  • Outward Opening Door Type

Click here to read more on disabled toilet cubicle dimensions

Enlarged Toilet Cubicle Dimensions

These toilet cubicles are comprised of a single washroom with 4 or more cubicles inside. These enlarged cubicles must have a width of 1210mm and include and outward opening door. Both horizontal and vertical rails are also a requirement in order to assist the user if necessary.

  • Standard Dimensions – 1210mm wide x 1500mm deep (1200mm minimum width between surfaces)
  • Outward Opening Door Type

Wheelchair Accessible Toilets

Similar to the enlarged cubicle toilet, wheelchair access is of paramount importance for the physically impaired.

The disabled toilet dimensions have recently been restructured in order to accommodate a cubicle length of 2220mm, as opposed to its previous measurement of 2000mm. The outward opening door needs to be 950mm wide and have a 900mm opening.

  • Standard Dimensions – 2220mm wide x 1500mm deep
  • Outward Opening Door Type

What are the Building Regulations in Relation to Toilet Cubicle Dimensions?

While the are no set sizes for toilet cubicles, building regulations do govern the minimum toilet cubicle dimensions for manufactures and suppliers. The Building Regulations Part M and the Equality Act 2010 showcase guidance on standard, ambulant and enlarged toilet cubicle dimensions for companies to follow.


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