Do Cafes Have To Provide Toilets?

When are toilet facilities necessary for cafes and restaurants?

You will always have to provide toilet facilities for staff to keep within the law. When you are a cafe owner or run any other business, customers and clients may also legally require or personally expect toilet facilities to cater to their needs. The cafe and restaurant business, and much of the hospitality sector for that matter, is a distinct grey area as the subtle laws and regulations are not so apparent.

In any case, the main answer is that you do not by law have to provide toilets for customers if there are not 10 seats and people are consuming food or drink on the premises – though you do for staff. However, there are a few exceptions and situations where you will still have to provide them even when you have fewer than 10 seats and customers are not consuming food or drink on the premises.

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In what situations will I have to provide a toilet?

While you are obligated to offer toilet facility provisions to customers if they are consuming food or drink on the premises and there are 10 or more seats, there are a few situations when toilets are obligatory even when this is not the case.

If you run a walk-up cafe or coffee shop, stall, bakery, ice cream shop or another hospitality establishment you may find that you fall into the legal categories we describe below. Essentially, It all depends on the nature of the services you provide.

Licensed and unlicensed premises

It is possible that you run a place that serves alcohol, frustratingly that is going to affect your legal obligation toward toilet provision. The regulations and laws will demand that you provide proper toilet facilities if you have a drinks licence.

Opening hours and times of service

Whether you are open 12 hours or a day or 6, the time of day that you are operating will affect your legal obligations. Toilet facilities must be present in an establishment open after 11 PM.

Cafe and hospitality toilet facilities laws explained

You do not have to provide toilet facilities in a cafe, restaurant or another hospitality establishment if you are selling food or drink to be consumed on the premises if there are fewer than 10 seats. Toilet facilities must, however, be available for any staff. Holding a drinks license or operating after 11 PM will mean that your cafe or other place of business is also obliged to provide toilet facilities.

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