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Hardwearing and Easy Clean Toilet Cubicles in West Sussex

At Concept Cubicle Systems, our constant aim is to provide customers across the country with everything they need to get the ideal washroom space for their public sector building. This includes all regions of the South, South West and South East, including the county of West Sussex. So, if you are looking to refurbish an office in Crawley, a school in Worthing or a leisure centre in Chichester, we can help you with everything you need for your washrooms, from cubicles to accessories.

Get in touch via phone or email today and we can provide more information about the cubicle ranges we have available for the public sector. Our staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Product Range

The washroom cubicles we supply cover a variety of industries, but each provide the same high levels of durability and minimal need for maintenance. To see examples of each style we have, please see our Product Guide or contact us for more information.


The Benefits of Our Toilet Cubicles

We have all the necessary skills and experience to get our customers the high-quality washroom accessories and toilet cubicles they need, and we take great pride in doing exactly that. Our commitment is demonstrated both in our robust, aesthetically pleasing products and in the levels of care and consideration we show to our customers. This care extends to your budget as well, because all of our prices are competitive.

Our customers are always our priority, so you can be sure that everything you order from us will be made to your exact specifications. You can even be sure that your purchases will be installed the way you need, because we have a team of fully qualified builders who will carry out all fitting services for you.

Healthcare cubicles in West Sussex

In order to protect vulnerable patients or working medical staff from harmful bacteria, it is very important that toilet cubicles for healthcare buildings are easy to clean and can be kept in a good working order without having to be repaired or replaced. If you require these cubicles for a healthcare building, please get in contact with us right away. We will need to discuss your building’s specifications, so you will receive exactly the product you need for your washroom space.


School Toilet Cubicles in West Sussex

All schools, colleges, nurseries and universities will have different building types and designs, styles, patterns and colours present. The one thing they will have completely in common is the high amount of traffic they will see on most days of the year, including in their washrooms. This is why they must be highly durable and easy to clean, so they are prepared for everyday use. Our range for this sector covers these things:


Commercial Toilet Cubicles

More businesses in the modern age are looking for a sleek, stylish interior for their office spaces, in order to establish a forward-thinking and modern image that will appeal to clients and customers alike. We can help to continue this theme even into your washrooms, with our range of cubicles:

Toilet Cubicles in West Sussex Leisure Sector

When refurbishing a leisure centre, there will often already be a theme, aesthetic, colour or pattern scheme that the owner or manager wishes to keep intact. As such, you would never think of purchasing cubicles that didn’t match and actually completely clashed with the established design, leaving it looking off-putting to customers and potentially leading to fewer people using them. 

Fortunately, this will never happen if you choose to use our service, as we are always willing to accommodate when our customers already have a design in mind. We can match anything you need manufactured exactly, and have a huge variety of patterns, colours and aesthetics for our leisure cubicle styles:


The Benefits of Our Toilet Cubicles

You will be pleased to discover that our products come with a great variety of benefits that keep them a cut above the rest, and that will benefit both you and the washroom space you have:

  • Waterproof materials are used to create imperishable and long-lasting designs
  • Smooth parts with easily-accessed features for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • A range of different door heights for as much privacy or assistance as needed by the user
  • A selection of designs, patterns, colour schemes and aesthetics to match any previously built washroom
  • Competitive pricing available on all purchases
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Value-for-money cubicle options with an even quicker lead time (usually about 5-7 days)


Contact Us for High Quality, Long-Lasting Cubicles for Your Washroom

If you have been searching for toilet cubicles in West Sussex that will offer durability, easy maintenance and a clean, appealing aesthetic for a long time to come, then Concept Cubicle Systems have everything you need. We are dedicated to what we do and we will do everything we can to get you the exact toilet cubicles that you need for your washroom space.

Call or email us today and one of our friendly, fully trained members of staff will be waiting to speak with you. We’ll discuss everything that you need for your cubicles, before arranging the professional manufacture and fast supply and delivery that you need.

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