The Future of Hospitality?

‘Instagrammable’ washrooms, created with content in mind.


What sets a hospitality venue apart? The food? The décor? The ambience? According to Lucy Noone Blake, founder of Pear Communications, it’s “nice toilets”.

Speaking on the panel of Material Source Studio Presents – The Future of Hospitality: Brand vs Experience, Lucy spoke in-depth about the importance of creating ‘Instagrammable’ interiors in the hospitality sector. And washrooms were no exception.

With Covid-19 restrictions now scrapped in the UK, bars and restaurants are vying for customer attention in a highly competitive market. And what better way to grab a portion of the market share than with some, practically, free marketing?

From the breathtaking backdrop of the Shard to the futuristic egg cubicles and disco dancefloor ceiling in Sketch, these washrooms are more than just a space for comfort. They are a large contribution to the overall appeal of the venues themselves.

So, taking these examples of popular hospitality washroom schemes, is there a winning ‘Instagrammable’ formula? We think so.

Unapologetic Colour


The hashtag #colour has been used on 33.3million Instagram posts to date. And when it comes to hospitality washroom schemes, it appears that bolder is better.

This was certainly the case for the bathrooms of Manchester’s Urban Playground, a multi-million-pound entertainment venue in the city’s Arndale shopping centre. We were tasked with continuing the vibrancy of the main interiors through to the washrooms.

Keeping in mind that the two-storey complex features an exciting mix of restaurant and bars, alongside The Cube Live – inspired by the popular game show – and a “tech-infused” mini golf course, a statement combination of red and black was selected to make the washrooms truly pop.

Lush Lighting


In washroom design, lighting can transform a space. And similarly, it can make or break a photograph. At Urban Playground, illuminated circular mirrors were installed along the walls, providing a nod to gaming, and, adding to the futuristic feel of the scheme. They are perfectly positioned for a #bathroomselfie.

Over at Material Source Studio, which features our new Superloo products, careful attention was also paid to the lighting design. Featuring Light Forms spotlights, alongside trend-led features such as a living wall, the washrooms are the ideal destination for capturing an impromptu snap or two.

Washrooms With A View


In the case of London’s Shard, and the likes of 20 Stories in Manchester, the view is amongst the biggest draws of the venue. And when it comes to framing it with interior design, why not do so in the washrooms as well?

Although not a hospitality venue, our bathroom concept for Crown Agents Bank put all the aesthetic focus onto the stunning views below. Not only does the layout provide a beautiful backdrop when hand washing, but the cubicle configuration could also be applied to any high-up hospitality destination looking to increase its social following.

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