What is Medi-Form?

Medi-form is a prefabricated, modular wall panel system complete with sanitaryware with a 100% waterproof core that is resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

Encapsulated in 2.5mm Thick Anti-Microbial PVC and free from any wood-based materials, the unique composition of the one-piece construction, with returns to the wall, eliminates the risk of water damage – making it highly suitable for clinical areas and where hygiene is the utmost priority.

Available in a number of configurations, Medi-Form features lockable flush access panels to create a seamless, uncluttered look where infection control is required.

Medi-Form Features

Manufactured from robust & durable material

Modular units can be configured to specific requirements

Available in a variety of finishes

Face tested to ISO 22196

A wood-free, PVC construction – perfect for clinical environments

100% waterproof core, resistant to chemicals and corrosion

Hinged, lockable access panels

Hygienic, seamless surface for ease of maintenance

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Clinical Wash Hand Basins

Clinical wash hand basins are fixed onto the Medi-Form unit.
The hinged and lockable access panels are located above and below the unit to conceal pipework and ease of maintenance.

Clinical specification: Armitage Contour 21 50cm back outlet
washbasin (S215401) with concealed hangers, toggle bolts and clips
(S911267). Basin is supplied with waste outlet adapter (S875067), plastic strainer (S874667) and resealing bottle trap.

Non-clinical specification: Portman 21 40 or 50cm with LH or RH
tap hole, with concealed hangers and fixings. Basin is supplied with waste and resealing bottle trap.

Seamless Access Panel Doors

Manufactured with projection gasket hinges and postformed, rounded corners, Medi-Form’s lockable access panel doors provide easy access for staff and contractors.

The outer face can be finished in Biomaster Antimicrobial Silver Ion Technology to minimise the presence of bacteria and improve ease of maintenance in clinical areas where hygiene is paramount.

‘Doc M’ Compliant Disabled Washrooms

Made to ‘Doc M’ specifications, Medi-Form is available in corner, recess, and straight wall layout configurations, creating a fully compliant washroom area that is suitable for disabled users.

Depending on size constraints and washroom requirements, Medi-Form can be configured to include shower and washroom accessories and are face-fixed to the wall system.

Clinical Utility Layouts

Medi-Form is suitable for all healthcare environments where cleanliness and patient safeguarding are paramount.

From operating theatre clean rooms to non-clinical outpatient washrooms, Medi-Form can be assembled with ‘Doc M’ compliant washroom options that are made to bespoke requirements to suit a variety of healthcare applications.


Floor Height Configuration

Available in numerous layout configurations, each Medi-Form unit is seated onto a plinth with rebated overlap detail, sealed to floor and back to wall covering with an approved or anti-microbial clear sealant.

A fixed back-to-wall with brackets system is supplied and a coved vinyl floor up to the unit is the preferred method of installation.

Available in full height, half height and through suspended ceilings where required up to 3m maximum.

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