Paperstone® Vanity Units

What is Paperstone®?

Combining 100% FSC certified recycled paper and cardboard with PetroFree™ natural resin and pigments, PaperStone® is a sustainable paper composite surface material that is heated and compressed to give incredible strength and endurance.

Beautifully Tactile Vanity Units

With its durable, hygienic, and impact-resistant properties, we use the Designer Series PaperStone range to create incredible vanities that are beautifully tactile and resilient in the most demanding of washrooms.

Exposed Edge Detail


Striated layers of recycled paper and phenolic resin of PaperStone® create a multi-layered exposed edge that can be bevelled or cut straight to show its intricate edge detailing, offering sublime aesthetics to washrooms where attention to detail is paramount.

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