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Durable Commercial Vanity Units at Low Prices

We are leading suppliers of commercial vanity units across the UK, and provide durable installations that can match any price you can find elsewhere. Our technology-driven approach to bathroom design makes us one of the most efficient installers of washroom systems.

Bathrooms in commercial settings experience see a lot of foot traffic, and our commercial vanity units will handle every need with ease, whether that is in a shopping mall, public bathroom, school or industrial setting. We choose bespoke products that make use of standardised specifications to ensure a long-lasting design with a fast turnaround time.

Our design and installation team make use of the best construction techniques available, so you can be sure that your commercial vanity units function perfectly for the longest possible time.

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Washroom Vanity Unit Design Considerations

Whether someone is washing their hands in a sink or looking at a mirror to check their appearance the vanity unit is an important part of a commercial bathroom in any setting. There are many considerations one has to take into account when designing commercial washrooms, which correlate to the unique capabilities they require.

Our design considerations for commercial vanity unit installations include the following:

  • Durability: The key concern of any commercial setting is how well the vanity unit will handle constant use. The products we select are commercial grade, such as solid grade laminate, and will withstand use by many people over a long period.
  • Space: If you have a busy industrial setting or a school then individual sinks may be undesirable. We can provide washroom products that maximise space within your vanity units, such as a trough sink design that allows many people to use the unit at once. Troughs can also make hand washing easier.
  • Hygiene: A vanity unit with a lot of use will need regular cleaning, so we provide products that are easy to clean and use hygienic, moisture-resistant materials. Wipe-cleanable surfaces are standard in our vanity units and we purposefully select materials that are capable of handling harsh cleaning products.
  • Accessories: A vanity unit is more than just a sink with a tap, there are other essential accessories within the unit such as soap dispensers, paper dispensers or hand dryers that contribute to the effectiveness of the washroom. Our mirror boxes can combine hand dryers and paper dispensers in one place, for a multi-functional vanity unit.

When planning a bathroom space it is essential to take extensive use into account at every stage of design, which means having strong units that function well for every user. Commercial spaces require these features to make them viable as a long-lasting installation, as repair and maintenance will otherwise be necessary in the washroom – and it will not function as well as it can.

Examples of products we use in bathrooms where commercial vanity units are required include the following:

  • Solid Surface Vanity Units: If you have the space for individual sinks then these are a fantastic option, the solid laminate materials have abrasion and crack resistance so can withstand regular use in many commercial settings.
  • Mirror Boxes: Mirror boxes are the ideal accompaniment to your vanity units, with the possibility of combining paper dispensers and soap dispensers into one small space. For gyms, hairdryers are another potential addition. This compact functionality is perfect in commercial settings.
  • SPEEDJET high-speed air pulse hand dryer with filters: This is one of the best of our accessories for a commercial vanity unit. With a fast drying speed, of 10 to 18 seconds, many people can dry their hands in a short time.

What Qualities Should You Look For In a Washroom Vanity Unit?

The qualities desirable for a commercial vanity unit include the following, and feature in many of our other products:

  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Colour fastness.
  • Crack resistance.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Heat resistance
  • Hygienic surface materials and sinks.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Resistance to chemicals and commercial cleaning products.
  • Scratch resistance.

All of our products make use of the highest quality materials, which means they provide commercial-grade durability and can handle heavy use.


High-Quality Installations at Low Prices

We offer bathroom and washroom solutions featuring durable commercial vanity units at the lowest possible prices. Our services include intelligent, technology-led design techniques that make the best possible use of your space.

As industry-leading suppliers of cubicle systems across the UK we can provide high-quality installations with impeccable workmanship, for long-lasting results.

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