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The Best Gym Lockers in the UK with Flexible Sizes and Modern Designs

We are the best solution for outstanding gym lockers. Our designs and expertise make us a leading provider of the most reliable products, materials and installation techniques for many commercial spaces. All interior designs can offer storage solutions for gyms, but also swimming pools and any other areas where people require private storage. The commercial-grade durability of our work is a focal point of our trade and demonstrates the quality that we provide.

You can make many mistakes when installing gym lockers, which is why you need our modern gym design experience. We plan and fit areas that are perfectly spaced and take into account intelligent product modelling, for the most effective use of your space. Our design team takes a lot of care in projects across the commercial and public sector to boost efficiency, by using specification modelling software and other data-led planning for speed and cost gains.

You can achieve a speedy and reliable outcome – so your gym lockers will be ready for full use in the fastest possible time. Our services are available for schools and educational settings as well as commercial and public gym locker rooms. We will provide customised designs suitable for many budgets. Make sure that you get in touch today for a quote on your gym locker installation project.

Our Gym Locker Installation Services

By installing your new gym lockers with us you get access to the best skills in the industry, with advanced equipment and installation techniques at your disposal thanks to our highly capable team.

As part of your bespoke gym locker solution you will get the following benefits of our reliable and cost-effective services:

  • Standard sizes and product models: You will be able to take advantage of standardised products, based on the effective model libraries that we use in planning and installing spaces. Whether it is a gym locker or another room this gets you a result quickly and at the lowest price.
  • Inclusive space: We are the only provider of inclusive designs for gym lockers in the UK, and can offer guidance to architects in this regard. Our gym locker designs will make your changing and locker room space usable by all people and types of customers.
  • The best products on the market: We can easily accommodate the needs of your gym locker area and the unique requirements it may have. By using a range of materials we can find product choices that combine all the functional features you require with custom branding and colours.

You can view some of our gym lockers, as well as other sports and leisure-related products, in our product guide. One of the most important products we stock for gym lockers is our Olympus Laminate Lockers.

These lockers have the following useful attributes:

  • Resistant to abrasion.
  • Colour fastness under artificial light.
  • Resistant to cracking.
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning.
  • Resistant to heat.
  • Hygienic, non-absorbent materials.
  • Resistant to impacts.
  • Resistant to moisture.
  • Chemical resistance to cleaning and household products.
  • Resistant to scratching.

The above features are highly desirable for any commercial gym space, and we can assist in providing similar qualities in many other gym design products – such as gym benches or washroom areas. For example, our Horizon Aluminium Bench Seating is the perfect companion to our lockers.

We can also offer coin return lockers, which will help make a functional space into a potential area of revenue or provide coin-return options that discourage anti-social use. Shared coin-operated lockers help promote shared standards of cleanliness and security. A range of sports lockers are available with key and/or coin operation.

Clothing lockers are also fully customisable within your locker room, with a wide range of lockers dimensions available that are bespoke to your room. For swimming pools or spas, we can provide specialist products for wet areas.

We also stock a range of important accessories suitable for a locker room, such as a paper towel dispenser for any nearby sink areas and other hygienic features such as soap dispensers.

Why Choose Us for Your Gym Locker Installation?

As part of our services, we make an active contribution to the industry, as we lead the way in the installation of gym lockers and other room systems.

We take the time to present our work in the best way possible. The chief way we do this is by using case studies, so please feel free to view them for a clear idea of our work and our leading position within the industry.

You can take advantage of our services and gain the exceptional experience of our design and installation team. We are based in the North West of the UK but deliver our exceptional services across the nation.

As industry-leading suppliers, we can send amazing samples to show you the value of our products, and also give you a tactile experience of how the final installation will look and feel.

Our services focus on trust, honesty and insight so we can collaborate with you to create the best possible space.


Exceptional Gym Lockers and Fast Installations

We install an amazing range of gym-style lockers and can customise everything to your exact specifications, using industry-standard sizes. You can benefit from our cost-effective wholesale prices and get the best products on the market.

Your new commercial or school gym locker room will be completed in the fastest possible time and provide durable storage for people using the space. Make sure you get in touch with us today to get started on your project.

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