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Cost-Effective Pool Lockers with Standard Specifications

We are the best option for swimming pool lockers, as we are leading suppliers for many public swimming pools and commercial premises in the UK. We can offer wholesale products that use the best quality materials but provide the lowest prices. Our inclusive designs are available for any kind of setting, and we can offer pool lockers for sale at a price to suit most budgets.

By helping you to select the most appropriate design in your swimming pool or leisure centre we can work with you to create a reliable storage solution that is:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Non-slip
  • Hygienic
  • Durable

Using heavy-duty laminate door lockers we can construct the ideal environment for people to store clothes and personal items in a pool changing room, with rust-proof parts and non-absorbent designs. Our services make use of NBS specifications, which is a clever way to plan and install locker systems with the greatest level of efficiency.

You can install specialist wet area lockers at the most competitive prices by choosing our services, which makes us one of the best suppliers in the UK. Our imaginative design and installation team can provide a fast turnaround at the lowest possible price. Please contact us for a quote on your swimming pool changing room locker installation.

Cost-effective Pool Lockers for Commercial Spaces

Pool lockers are not just a place to store your swimsuit, they require a creative and considerate approach in design to be effective. Without reliable products and careful installation practices, you can easily get a result that is inefficient and does not withstand regular use.

Our installations can handle the specific needs of wet areas and provide a safe solution for swimming pool changing rooms. Unlike other designers, we will deliver an efficient design process that fully matches all requirements.

Using our high-specification products we can incorporate the following features into your swimming pool lockers:

  • Water-resistance: Wet areas are subject to moisture and humidity, which can degrade lockers over time and also warp certain materials. A product such as our Olympus Laminate Lockers provides a moisture-resistant option for storing personal items and is ideal for wet areas.
  • Custom locking mechanisms: All of our installations are fully customisable to your needs and we can provide custom locks, depending on your needs. For commercial spaces, a coin lock is a clever option to enhance security and encourage users to use the lockers with extra care.
  • Hygienic surfaces: In swimming pools, there is a higher chance of fungal and bacterial issues arising, as they thrive in warm and moist environments. As a result, we can install pool lockers that are easy to clean and will handle the harsh chemicals used in essential cleaning products.
  • Impact resistance: Whether you are installing swimming pool lockers in a commercial space or a school, the space will benefit from products that are impact resistant. Every feature of our installations will be robust but we can offer very durable pool lockers that reliably withstand heavy use.
  • Colour fastness under artificial light: Old and dated pool lockers make a space less appealing. A key part of our ability to install long-lasting installations is providing materials that will not fade in light, giving you a new-looking installation that will provide a bright and fresh appearance.
  • Customisable colours: If you want to match the lockers to school sports team colours or simply keep within your brand’s identity we can offer an option to do so. With a range of finishes available you can fully customise the colour scheme of your pool lockers.

We have wholesale products available for sale that we install using the skills of our experienced team, who have full training and the best equipment. Our planning and design team will also provide an efficient process for optimising the materials you use and help minimise the duration of your installation.

For an idea of the quality and durability of our products, you can order some samples to get a tactile preview of what your pool lockers will be like. For a clear demonstration of the level of quality we deliver in our work please feel free to check out our case studies page for pictures and further information.

Whether you run a commercial swimming pool, community leisure centre or a public pool we can offer you a fast solution with an outstanding quality of workmanship. The result is a usable space delivered in the fastest possible time and a long-lasting installation that perfectly suits your space.


Fast, Cost-effective Pool Locker Installations

If you are looking for durability and reliability from an innovative design team we are the only solution. Using intelligent design and standardised models for our products we can offer an effective outcome that lasts and is fully upgradeable and changeable when the time comes.

Our services are available nationwide and you will get a commercial-grade outcome at the most cost-effective price. You will get a fast turnaround time so you can start using the space quickly

Please feel free to get in touch with us today for a quote and to start installing your new swimming pool lockers.


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