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Stylish and Durable School Toilet Cubicles

We know the importance of reliable, hygienic, functional and durable toilet cubicles for schools. We offer a variety of toilet cubicles to suit the style, architecture and style of your school. As a company, our customers are our top priority. We know the importance of products standing the test of time, especially those that will be used in high-traffic areas. Check out our range of school toilet cubicles below to decide on a range that would best suit your school.

Why It’s Important to Get the Best School Toilet Cubicles

Sourcing the best toilet cubicles for your school is extremely important. Here at Concept Cubicles, we have an extensive range of toilet cubicles to choose from that are specifically designed and installed with schools in mind. You can choose from over 50 different colour combinations to make your toilet cubicles fun for your students.

School toilet cubicles need to provide privacy for all students. They also need to be durable, withstanding high volumes of traffic. Unfortunately, school cubicles can be subject to vandalism. That’s why, here at Concept Cubicles, we provide a series of durable, private, safe and vandalism-free toilet cubicles for schools around the country.


The Juno Range

The Juno range is the ideal choice for junior schools, with different height doors and shaped partitions to suit each key stage of education. The Juno range is heavy-duty and it quipped with vandal and water resistance. Designed to stand the test of time, these toilet cubicles offer an extremely long-life cycle. The vibrant variety of colours allows you to choose the appropriate match for your bathroom. With over 50 colour combinations, you are sure to find something you like.


The Force Range

The Force range was designed specifically with the education sector in mind. When it comes to schools, toilet cubicle misuse and vandalism is sadly something that must be considered. Fortunately, The Force range can withstand a harsh environment and is particularly popular in the education sector because it can withstand the vigour’s of everyday use.

As well as being extremely durable and reliable, The Force range of cubicles offers a great aesthetic with over 50 colour combinations to choose from. You are bound to find a colour match or contrast that works for you.


Force Privacy Range

The Force Privacy Range is the ideal choice for school toilet cubicles as it can withstand harsh and demanding environments while allowing for increased privacy. Designed for the increasing demands of modern education, The Force Private range is ideal for ultimate privacy. The floor to ceiling partitions create a private and comfortable toilet cubicle experience.

Again, this range comes in 50 different colour combinations and is extremely durable, ideal for the harsh school environment.

Areas Covered

Based in Manchester, we serve customers throughout the UK including London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Kent, Buckinghamshire, Bath, Belfast, Brighton and Hove, Cambridge, Canterbury, Edinburgh, Leeds, Oxford, Plymouth and many more. We are passionate about offering country-wide services to all our customers in need of toilet cubicles. Customer care is our top priority and we always put our customers first.

Get in Touch for the best School Toilet Cubicle Prices

If you are searching for toilet cubicles for your school, look no further than Concept Cubicle Systems. We have everything you need and, whatever you require, we are sure to have the design, style and look you would like. With Concept Cubicle Systems, you are spoilt for choice!

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be more than happy to advise you, simply use the contact link below.

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