What to Know About Toilet and
Washroom Door Sizes

What to Know About Toilet and Washroom Door Sizes

There is no single defined standard door width. In addition to door size heights, which are dependent on ceiling heights, doors widths can be bespoke to the frame that they will fit in many cases. However, some of the most popular width measurements for different categories of doors in the UK include the following:

  • 24 or 27 inches (610 or 686 mm): This is a small type of door size that is normally only used for tight interiors or restricted spaces, such as an airing cupboard, utility room or laundry area. This size is too small for washrooms.
  • 30 inches (762 mm): This is the most common internal door size seen in most of the UK, so it can be considered a ‘standard’ of sorts. This width creates a door opening with sufficient room for a standard toilet.
  • 33 inches (or 838 mm): The largest of these popular sizes is also a common industry standard, which complies with Document M of the UK’s Building Regulations relating to the proper access to and use of different structures.

There is also another less popular standard of door size, which is an 18-inch or 21-inch door width (457 mm or 533 mm). This door is not appropriate for the presence of any kind of toilet and sink – and is usually used as a wardrobe door.

As a result of the issues that come up when it comes to width, washroom door sizes are an important aspect of inclusive design – because an improper size will prevent a person living with a disability or using a wheelchair to access the space.

We will provide a few tips, but you can avoid the headaches of finding the right washroom door size in a public space by using our industry-leading design and installation services. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to learn more.

How to Make Sure You Get the Right Washroom Door Sizes

We provide industry-leading commercial washroom services for a variety of sectors. Our team delivers fast turnarounds to suit almost any budget. As a result, we are well-placed to provide information on washroom door sizes. Nonetheless, there is much more to a project than getting the washroom door size right.

If you are embarking on a design for new washrooms in an office, school or another type of public space, make sure you keep the following points in mind:

  • Measure the door space: You need to make sure that you are precise in measurements when planning washroom requirements, which will help you to calculate precisely how many 33 inch doors you can fit into a space.
  • Consider ceiling heights: You need to be able to stand in front of the door opening as well as sit in a chair, but the best door width may depend on the height of the ceilings. Tall doors benefit from a larger width for support.
  • Never neglect accessories: Providing a 33-inch door for wheelchair users is great, but you can make a stall much more comfortable and safer by installing accessories such as handrails, non-slip mats and distress alarms.
  • Lower heights accordingly: 400 mm to 500 mm disabled toilet heights are the official standard, but the most common and usable accessible toilet height is 450 mm. You can also lower sinks and toilet roll dispensers.
  • Dedicated stalls: Although an inclusive design will let anybody use a space, you can also opt for a large dedicated stall. This gives you more room to fit a higher number of 30-inch doors and is useful for accompanying carers.

These tips can help, but getting the most suitable design in a commercial or public space can be very tricky. There are plenty of different ways things can go wrong. For example, there is no worse thing for a project than a time delay. We use building information modelling (BIM) to keep our projects on time and track.

What are Some of the Best Doors for Washrooms?

There are many options for inclusive washroom doors, which provide a great sense of independence in a space for people living with disabilities. You can also choose from an extensive range of compelling door designs suitable for all users.

Some of the best washroom doors from our amazing range of products include the following:

  • Reflect Cubicles: Our Reflect Cubicles come with a 19 mm high-pressure laminated medium-density fibreboard door, with stainless steel fittings and ironmongery. These hygienic washroom doors are also crack resistant and impact resistant – so they are the perfect option for accessible washrooms.

Many of our products are also available in non-standard dimensions, depending on the unique needs of your space. So, if you are worried about getting the right washroom door size for your needs, there is plenty of opportunity for customising.

When you take a look at some of our excellent case studies you will see many of our amazing commercial, industrial and public sector washroom projects – that often demonstrate the perfect toilet door sizes for the most inclusive design.

One relevant case study is our Liverpool Street Station installation, which shows our excellent capabilities in delivering quality basins, urinals and washroom stalls – with a toilet door size perfectly suited to one of London’s busiest stations.


Use our Design and Installation Services for Perfect Washroom Door Sizes

Our talented team take charge of lots of large-scale projects across the UK, including all kinds of commercial spaces, schools, healthcare settings, public transport stations – and any other sector that requires durable washrooms. 

When you decide to use our services, we will guarantee the perfect toilet door size for your space, and we can produce options that will suit most budgets. Please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more and start using our services today.

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