What is CPD?

Explanation of continuing professional development – CPD

Developing as a professional can be a challenge for many industries, including the construction and planning of cubicles and washrooms. However, it is possible to ensure this takes place in a measurable and certifiable way by pursuing continuing professional development, or CPD.

CPD training is key for growing and improving, and provides measurable certification by enabling professionals to log hours on many industry-specific seminars and courses that expand their skills. A CPD accreditation ensures that development continues in a structured, purposeful way that an industry recognises as valid and useful.

As a leading provider of cubicle systems and washrooms for a range of settings, we are well-placed to provide CPD training on specific subjects like “Gender-Neutral Washrooms for Education, Municipal and Private Sector Premises” If you feel this training would be useful to your staff please contact us today.

What is the point of CPD?

Everybody undergoes some level of training as they seek to find a role in their chosen career path. Learning and development continue from a very young age but can stagnate once people arrive in their professional life. By pursuing CPD it is possible to ensure that industries actively and purposefully expand their skills.

There are many benefits to CPD, primarily the maintenance of existing skills and the acquiring of new ones that will assist a particular industry. Advantages of CPD include the following:

  • Practical: CPD is a way to keep industries firmly within a space that delivers tangible results. Methods of doing so include increasing training or awarding certifications that demonstrate a person has testable skills.
  • Verifiable: Accreditations from CPD provide solid proof of someone’s ability. Non-verifiable skills are less valuable, especially in industries that focus on precision and accuracy – such as construction or architecture.
  • Expandable: Unlike academic qualifications CPD goes further and adapts actively as industries change or expand. It is an important way to ensure skills are up to date and relevant to someone’s career.

A typical form of CPD might be a training course or seminar in a new or particularly niche area. There are many methods of learning and different accreditation bodies that can provide learning opportunities and award recognised certifications for people in training.

Some types of CPD involve the assessment of formal coursework, with many niche course units available depending on a person’s career ambitions. Other forms may involve attendance and contribution to industry conferences or other events.

Who provides accreditation for CPD?

A range of providers offer CPD courses and relevant certifications. Most are in a directory held by The CPD Certification Service, which is a recognised accreditor of various institutions that offer professional development opportunities.

It is important to have an accrediting body to ensure there is a stable level of quality and consistency across the board, and that CPD is fit for purpose in a given industry. The concept of CPD has been established over many years.


How do you use CPD at Concept Cubicle Systems?

Our services are based on precision, accuracy and efficiency. CPD enables us to continue to nourish these skills in every aspect of our design and installation services. CPD helps us deliver innovative cubicle systems and washroom units in many spaces and institutions, and we constantly expand our capabilities over time.

Whether it is a more accurate way to plan for a cubicle system in a given location, a better quality and longer-lasting material or product or a new piece of equipment – CPD delivers practical benefits to our business practices.


CPD for learning, growth and improvement

Pursuing CPD is important for an individual to make gains in their career, and ultimately makes them better in their role and more capable of delivering industry-leading standards – no matter what field.

Our CPD is reflected in staff and engineers who are consistently refining their skills, acquiring new ones and actively contributing to the industry. Contact us today for a demonstration of our abilities in installing innovative cubicle systems.

FAQs and useful information

The following are some common questions about CPD and the services we provide:

What is the meaning of CPD?

CPD stands for continuous professional development. It refers to the ongoing process of training, learning and expanding in a person’s chosen career path. The word ‘development’ and ‘training’ are interchangeable in this context, with both achieving the same goal. People in any line of work can pursue CPD to improve their skills, which people sometimes call ‘upskilling’. Benefits include well-rounded abilities and up to date knowledge of a particular industry.

Is CPD recognised?

Yes. Accredited providers of CPD provide training and qualifications that are recognised as legitimate educational proof of a person’s ability. A CPD certificate is recognised much the same way as academic examinations and assessments, but focuses on the professional skills or a person in a given industry.

Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss CPD training programmes in our industry.

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