Unisex Bathroom Designs

Unisex toilet designs are a form of inclusive design that is suitable for many spaces. Commercial businesses, offices, schools and many public bathroom designs can make use of unisex toilets, which deliver a range of benefits to both male and female users.

Although sex-segregated bathrooms are still the norm, gender-neutral washrooms are developing quite a lot and they have the following advantages:

  • Lower costs: Bathrooms can be expensive to fit when you are considering public and commercial designs that cater to each sex, but gender-neutral bathrooms optimise the space by providing a single place for mixed-use. As a result of this, gender-neutral toilets are very cost-effective.
  • Shorter waiting times: As a result of the efficiency gains, waiting times for unisex toilets are much shorter. Not only do they tend to be larger, as a consequence of catering to both sexes, but they also add to the user experience for people living with disabilities. Shorter waiting times are highly desirable for public restrooms.
  • Inclusivity: Restroom designs can be as progressive and forward-thinking as any policy, and this can make even small bathrooms and commercial interiors beacons of an inclusive message. School bathrooms and commercial offices can benefit from the awareness that mixed-user restrooms can deliver.

There are certain aspects of unisex bathroom design that can make the process of installing them a bit more difficult. However, with the right approach, you can install excellent bathrooms for schools, offices and public spaces quite easily.

As leading providers of a range of bathroom systems, we are well-placed to explain the nuances of inclusive design and the related principles. Feel free to get in touch if you have a unisex bathroom design project to complete in the UK.

Things to Remember in a Unisex Bathroom Design

The requirements of a unisex bathroom are very much the same as sex-segregated designs. However, as there is a mixed user base there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the comfort and privacy of either sex.

The following are some considerations when it comes to unisex bathrooms and their installation:

  • Privacy requirements: Privacy is more important in a gender-neutral bathroom, as it is not possible to tell whether a person will be comfortable with the level of privacy on offer. The solution is to provide maximum privacy at all times. Products such as floor to ceiling doors will help to meet this need.
  • Function depends on the sector: The functionality of bathrooms within office interiors are different to a restaurant bathroom, so you should be aware of the type of use the room will have. For example, mirrors and hair dryers are not typically necessary in a restaurant as they are in a hotel – so be sure to focus on the main users of the space and cater to their needs.
  • Different facilities are required by each sex: While males do not require the facilities for the safe disposal of sanitary towels they must be present in a unisex toilet design to cater to both sexes equally. Similarly, urinals are not usable by females – so they should have a little role to play in a good unisex bathroom design.

Unisex bathrooms offer greater accessibility for trans people, and the requirements for this type of user will vary considerably – so having a unisex bathroom can help these people to use a bathroom with maximum comfort and safety.

Unisex toilets are also beneficial for parents, who can take their children into the room to use the facilities without any issues and avoid the risks of opposite-sex parents letting their child use a bathroom unattended – something very important for public bathrooms.

A unisex bathroom is suitable for almost any environment, including but not limited to the following:

  • Hospital
  • Hotels
  • Industrial facilities
  • Laboratories and research centres
  • Night clubs
  • Offices and commercial spaces
  • Public transport hubs, such as train stations, airports and shipping ports
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Schools, universities and youth clubs

The principles of unisex toilets provide an inclusive experience for every user and companies can use the opportunity to highlight the progressive policies that they have, which shows staff and clients their values and attitudes towards equality.

Unisex Bathrooms Designs for Inclusion and Diversity

As the sexes become more and more equal the notion of unisex bathrooms has become more appealing and rational to many people. As stated above, there are legitimate cost benefits to unisex toilets too, so it is a pragmatic design option. Unisex bathrooms can offer a washroom solution to all users very effectively.

When designing a unisex toilet you need to cater to a wide variety of needs, but it is entirely possible to offer maximum comfort to all users through sensitive designs and product choices. Feel free to get in touch if you have a unisex bathroom design project and want a professional solution.