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The Best BIM Models for Toilets and Washrooms

Our team uses building information modelling (BIM). We make the best 2D and 3D BIM objects during our installations of bathrooms, washrooms, changing rooms and other essential facilities. These BIM models are vital for our construction projects and are suitable for a range of settings.

By using specialist modelling software with our BIM models and you can accurately plan, design and deliver effective cubicle systems for almost any space. All of the BIM models we will discuss here come from the National Building Specification (NBS) National BIM Library.

Our excellent selection of BIM models for toilets, vanity units, duct panels and other washroom fittings provides a range of options suitable for the architectural design requirements of many commercial and industrial settings.

We realise that finding the best BIM models for toilets, basins, panels and other fittings can be difficult, but our position as leaders in designing, supplying and installing a variety of washroom systems means we can suggest some excellent options.

If you would like to use our washroom design and installation services please feel free to contact us.

Our BIM Models for Bathrooms and Washrooms

The construction industry relies on effective information management for an efficient design process and cost-effective final results. You can use our BIM models in the design and construction of many commercial and industrial washrooms. To use our BIM models you will need to register for an NBS ID and download them.

Most BIM models for toilets and washrooms are available to download with formats that are suitable for multiple cloud-based platforms, such as the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) or Revit file formats.

The best BIM models we have available include the following:

  • Force Privacy Cubicles: When it comes to structural engineering you want a robust design, particularly for cubicles that experience heavy regular use. These cubicles are suitable for both showers and toilets and are certified to the NBS BIM Object Standard v2.1, intended for construction professionals.
  • Juno Washroom Cubicles: These cubicles provide colourful and robust privacy for primary school pupils using toilets in schools, and they have the flexibility to enable teacher supervision. There are many door lengths, partition shapes and colour options to choose from, which can match school colours.
  • Reflect Cubicles: Using brushed stainless steel with a range of laminate finishing options these doors provide a robust design with a very contemporary appearance. There are many finishes available including a visually striking woodgrain that guarantees a powerful aesthetic impact.
  • Little One’s Toilet Cubicles: This is another cubicle system that is perfect for younger children as there are no sharp edges or corners. The doors feature innovative magnetic catches, to stop children from accidentally locking themselves in – as well as playful child-friendly colours and design finishes.
  • Solid Surface Vanity Units: Washrooms benefit greatly from sturdy vanity units and as manufacturers of top class units such as these solid surface designs we can deliver the best. The seamless vanity unit provides an easy cleaning experience and has a range of colour configurations and other customisation options.
  • Laminate Duct Panels: You can easily conceal pipes, plumbing or ventilation shafts by using these stylish panels, which are a lower-cost alternative to tiling. They have either hook or push on clips, which allows you to easily and securely affix them behind urinals or toilets. They are available in half height and full height.

Our exceptional range of BIM models for toilets, bathrooms and washrooms makes us one of the best manufacturers in the NBS National BIM Library. Other excellent BIM objects include the Olympus Fully Framed Cubicles and Laminate Vanity Units.

You can view our BIM models on the NBS National BIM Library website or see them in action by browsing our range of excellent case studies. We create case studies to showcase the quality of our products and the installation quality we provide, so you can see our BIM objects in use in many different commercial or industrial settings.

View and Download Our BIM Models

You can easily use our BIM models for toilets, bathrooms, washrooms and many other construction projects. Simply download them from the NBS National Library in the relevant format for your modelling software.

Thanks to the quality of our information modelling BIM objects also give you a leg up on facility management post-construction. If you would like us to design, supply and install products based on our BIM models please feel free to get in touch.

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