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How Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Washroom Design and Installation Can Help Clients, Companies and Professionals

Using CPD for washrooms is a way to keep our competitive edge, and it delivers real-world benefits for our clients. During a washroom installation, you can tap into the advantages our team gets from the continuous process of refining and improving their skills.

CPD for washrooms provides the following benefits:

  • Cost savings.
  • Efficiency gains.
  • Time savings.
  • High-quality results.

By actively continuing professional development we can keep our team at the cutting edge of the industry, which is demonstrated by independent accreditation and certification from leading CPD providers.

If you would like to install a washroom with the greater efficiency that CPD delivers you can use our services in a variety of commercial and industrial spaces. Get in touch today.

How CPD Benefits our Clients

Keeping knowledge up to date on best practices, planning techniques and the use of new materials makes us better at installing toilet cubicles, vanity units, washroom systems and any other products that we supply.

Regularly logging CPD hours enables us to systematically improve and evolve in the following ways:

Planning: CPD helps with implementing planning innovations that save time. For example, in our work using pre-plumbed systems can reduce installation time – so we can spend less time on-site and deliver projects faster. Modelling software and team collaboration tools can also increase planning speed.

Accreditation: An independent CPD accreditation service will add a testable skill to our team, which proves value is being added. CPD accredited courses provide a professional level of examination that is in keeping with global standards, so we can be sure we are developing within the framework of recognised organisations.

Adjusting to trends: CPD for washrooms can help us to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to trends in industry practices or designs. This might help train the team in learning to use new tools or installation techniques or how to work better with currently popular materials, such as stainless steel.

Inclusive design: One thing that CPD accreditation helps us with is providing ever more inclusive designs for our washrooms and cubicle systems. As inclusive design standards develop we can use CPD to more effectively incorporate them and help every kind of person to use washrooms more comfortably.

Regular, high-quality CPD learning comes in the form of CPD seminars and group training courses but there is also the opportunity for personalised learning individually from specialist CPD certification services.

Effective CPD training requires reliable providers for it to have a benefit to our clients. As a result, we seek independent accreditation in all of our CPD activities to ensure all training and assessments are valuable to the industry.

By obtaining a certificate of attendance and completion we can demonstrate training courses are adding to the capabilities of our team. Reliable CPD for washroom design and installation helps us ensure we are passing all possible benefits to our clients.

For a visual experience of how CPD for washrooms impacts our final results, you can explore our case studies page for more.

How CPD for Washrooms Helps a Company and Team

We are happy to pass on the benefits of our CPD training to our clients, but there are tangible benefits to the team member who is continuing their professional development and the company as a whole.

By using CPD, professionals in all fields can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Greater confidence and assuredness in their skills.
  • A reliable demonstration of new abilities that goes beyond standard degrees and qualifications.
  • Up to date skills, which helps keep professionals marketable and employable in their field.
  • Higher self-worth and justification for salaries.

As employers, companies can benefit from CPD in the following ways:

  • Consistency in standards and abilities across the company.
  • Easier assessments, CPD training provides useful markers of success for managers.
  • Better morale, as staff will not feel their skills are stagnating.
  • Increased communication and information sharing.
  • Higher potential from staff.

CPD is for the professional who is participating at the end of the day, but it has tangible benefits for companies and their clients too – so it is a worthwhile endeavour for a professional in any line of work.

Accredited CPD for More Efficient Washroom Design

Ultimately CPD for washrooms results in more efficient outcomes, in both costs and time. These savings are valuable for our commercial and industrial clients, as well as those in the public sector and anywhere inclusive design is important.

Engaging in CPD allows our team to continue training and levelling up their skills, which means our services and capabilities can improve steadily over time. You can contact us today to take advantage of our continuously developing skills.

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