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Standards in the supply, design and construction of buildings are better when there is a shared requirement for quality. In the UK the National Building Specification, or NBS, is useful to help architects and construction industry professionals achieve this – by providing a common format for commercial and industrial buildings.

Ordinarily, the NBS relates to data sets (or ‘specifications’) – that people can use to complete projects with a higher degree of accuracy and quality. Most benefits relate to planning and architectural efficiency, which can save costs during construction and helps to ensure a smooth process throughout.

As a company that delivers cubicles and washroom systems with a very exacting level of quality, we are well-placed to explain a little more about NBS specifications in further detail. If you have a washroom or cubicle specification question please feel free to contact our specification team.


By using a common standard it is possible to make the process of constructing a building easier. In public and commercial buildings inefficiency can cause huge delays, which may ultimately result in massive financial losses. The NBS may seem to be a largely administrative process, but it has tangible benefits.

The advantages of using NBS include the following:

  • Lower costs: The primary benefit of NBS is that you can save money during the construction process. The level of capital that is at stake during a large construction project is staggering, and many companies fold during failed efforts to erect a building. Lowering costs reduces this risk.
  • Better communication: By adhering to set standards and conventions it is easier for departments to communicate with each other. When commercial buildings are constructed there are often many sectors operating together, so having shared standards helps consistency.
  • Higher safety: With NBS you have numerous codes relating to safety, which reassures constructors to create safe spaces that reduce the risk of accident, injury, fire or other potential emergencies. A consistent format makes each section of a building safer for everyone involved.

NBS is a valuable toolkit for UK architecture and construction companies. It enables the harmonious and reliable construction of a building, with a simple index of codes that is readily accessible. With dependable guides and accessible formats, people have concrete lists they can refer to at any stage of construction.

If someone is working remotely they can get downloads and updates in real-time using NBS. This makes it possible for architects across multiple locations to own their responsibilities throughout the project lifecycle.


NBS covers many areas, for a standardised system within the UK – these include the following:

  • Building foundations
  • Doors and windows
  • Electrical works
  • Heating, ventilation and cooling systems
  • Outdoor or indoor paving and flooring
  • Project management

Other specifications will be in use depending on the nature of the project, which may include things like access control, CCTV or telephony.


We make use of accurate NBS toolkits on all of our projects in the UK. For examples of the quality of our work please feel free to view our selection of case studies, this will provide an idea of the accuracy and efficiency that NBS delivers.

For examples of specifications please view our knowledge hub for downloadable PDFs. You can also contact our specification team today for a free quote on your cubicles or washroom installation project.

FAQs and useful information

The following are some commonly asked questions about NBS and details on the services we provide:

How do I use NBS specification software?

The software people use for NBS specifications is called NBS Building. To use the software you need to familiarise yourself with the version most suitable for your project, these include a Standard version, an Intermediate version and a Minor Works version. While there is plenty of online support available to help people use NBS Building, training or webinars can provide more practical learning.

What is NBS Chorus?

NBS Chorus is specification software that works via the cloud. It is useful for people seeking high-quality specifications and greater efficiency, potentially around the globe. NBS is a largely UK-based system of construction, but by using NBS Chorus UK firms can provide the benefits of NBS internationally in their architecture or construction projects.

Please feel free to contact our specification team for more information.

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