A collaborative scheme with sustainability
at its core at Material Source Glasgow

The Project


Material Source Studio, which as well as its Glasgow location also has an inspirational hub in Manchester, supports the UK’s entire built environment community of architects, designers, and property professionals.

Everything about the unique destinations are beautiful and useful in equal measure. And so, this same set of values applied to their washroom scheme at the Scotland Studio.

As one of the founding partners at Material Source Studio, we collaborated with their Creative Director, Darren Clanford, to create a series of two inviting washroom schemes, collaborating with other partners to create two contrasting washroom environments that are in keeping with the studio’s ethos of innovation and design excellence.

The Solution


For one washroom, our task was to create a cubicle scheme that resonated with the client’s rich, textured palette of burnt orange and grey.

In response, we opted for our Curve Privacy cubicles, featuring floor to ceiling powder coated pilasters, with  fixtures, and fittings that matched perfectly to the vivid RAL shade (8004) to reflect the overarching colour choices. This bold choice is complemented by the sleek storm-grey cubicle doors, partitions, and duct panel system in Polyrey’s Gris Orage (G059), adding a contrasting yet sophisticated touch.
Adding an extra textural element to the scheme are the Woodio® Block wall hung toilets in Clay, made from a mixture of wood chips and resin-based binder, and just launched in the UK. And to complement the cubicle system, an Antique Copper wall covering from Altro in a subtle, almost tortoise-shell patina contributes beautifully to the overall ambience.

For the hand washing area, we utilised the aesthetic and functional benefits of the Woodio® Soft40 tabletop basins, alongside a sustainably conscious PaperStone vanity top in Charcoal from CDUK, and taps by Crosswater. The scheme is a harmonious blend of textures and hues, creating a washroom space that is as visually stunning as it is environmentally conscious.

Through thoughtful collaboration and meticulous attention to detail, the result is a high-end washroom scheme that not only elevates the space but also embodies the studio’s commitment to innovation and aesthetics, setting a new standard for sustainable design.

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