2024/25 key colour trends:
Textural, fearless, and thought-provoking

In recent years, colour trends for commercial interiors have erred on the side of caution. They’ve played it safe.


Opting for neutral, organic-inspired shades that sooth and calm. But for 2024/25, we’re now seeing braver, bolder palettes come to the fore, as playfulness overtakes pared back.

This reflects changes in the market. Post-pandemic, and amid a cost-of-living crisis, it’s challenging to encourage people from their homes to physical spaces – whether for work, or leisure. In response, the role of designer in supporting clients in the hospitality, workplace, education, and retail sectors to create schemes that simply must be visited to be truly experienced, is crucial.

To aid in your inspiration when crafting your concepts, here we share some of our colour trend highlights for the year ahead, and beyond – taking cues from Crown Paints 2024/25 Colour Insights, Pantone, and Colour Hive.


While colour palettes are certainly more stand-out than they have been in the last few years, the natural world remains key as a creative catalyst. This is both in terms of colour, and texture. As biomaterials and repurposed materials become increasingly embraced, what may have been classed as ‘imperfections’ in the past are now celebrated.

This is highlighted in the Solutions trend developed by Crown Paints, which mentions “accidental colour palettes often found in recycled materials”, in its narrative.

One such upcycled material that’s part of our washroom product offering, PaperStone®, is made from recycled paper and a natural resin – its slightly textured finish akin to natural stone. It was also featured in our recent washroom project at Material Source Studio Glasgow, where the utilisation of colour and textural combinations found in nature formed the basis for the cubicle system we crafted, reflecting the overarching deep, dappled palette of burnt orange and grey, with basins and toilets made from wood chips.

Similarly, Corian solid surface, made from a composite blend of natural minerals, resin, and acrylic polymer, offers natural stone finishes – perfect for adding aesthetic interest to washroom schemes. The organic-inspired, flecked appearance of Cameo White captures this trend in a nutshell.


With the aim of evoking joy, vivid colour choices are being used to enliven commercial spaces, making them centre stage rather than fade into the background. And this goes for all areas, including the washrooms. An after-thought they certainly are not.

It might be a pop of unexpected red, such as that which was used for the washrooms in Momentum Group’s Urban Playground development, and for New Century Hall – both in Manchester and created specifically with offering unparalleled guest experience. Or perhaps it’s an entire rainbow of shades that’s selected – in the case of Rudheath Primary School, where we were asked to create a washroom scheme that supported the school’s vision of ‘inspiring minds, building futures’.

Six cubicles were finished with Polyrey’s Rouge Cerise (R036), Vinyle (V014), Zeste De Citron (Z016), Vert Bali (V109), Bleu Turquoise (B119) and Cyclamen (C189) – each representing their own section of the rainbow.

As well as Polyrey’s extensive range of bold colour options, the Fundermax® collection of laminate equally doesn’t hold back. From Yellowish Green to Intensive Red and Mango – whatever creative statement you’re trying to achieve, this no-holds-barred palette will help you achieve it.


As we mentioned at the top of this piece, playing it safe is a thing of the past. And though that doesn’t mean softer shades are completely out – Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2024 Peach Fuzz is proof of that – they’ve been given more depth.

In Colour Hive’s Curious Neutrals palette, Fleece – a tonal nod to sheepskin, is paired with the almost golden Brown Paper, Rock Salt pink and Ash Mauve. “The expansion of neutrals to include a more varied range of undertones creates an opportunity for unusual combinations with a dusk to dawn feel” – reads the accompanying narrative, describing the ‘thought provoking’ trend perfectly.

With thought-provoking in mind, Fundermax® laminate, as well as packing a visual punch, also includes options such as Pinero with its wood-effect design capturing the intricate beauty of the real thing. Rather than simply mirroring the tones of nature, it replicates a tree’s knots and aged patina that immediately casts the mind to the depths of a tranquil forest.

Perhaps the driving force that runs throughout all of these trends is the desire to be authentic. And that’s something that, trend-related or not – will never go out of fashion.

To find out more about how we can support in adding a splash of colour to your next washroom scheme, contact us.  

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