Durable Changing Room Benches and Efficient Installations

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Changing Room Benches

Our changing room benches are the best way to get a functional space with a fast turnaround time. By selecting from our commercial-grade products we can develop a bespoke solution for spaces including gym changing rooms, spa changing rooms and school football team changing areas. We have a diverse range of bench furniture for sale at the lowest possible price and are the best solution for a swift, cost-effective installation.

By choosing our benches you can get an amazing result with the following advantages:

  • Durability
  • Custom colours and designs
  • Standardised dimensions
  • Bespoke accessories

When installing changing room benches we will provide an exceptional quality of workmanship, which can help to enhance your space and ensure a long-lasting outcome. Our team is at the forefront of the latest architectural and design practices and are an intelligent choice for a quick result of the highest quality. Please get in touch today to learn more and begin your installation.

Benefits of Our Changing Room Benches

We have a wide range of changing room benches to suit all tastes. Our changing room benches are available for sale with standardised specifications, meaning you can futureproof your space by installing benches that are readily upgradeable when the time comes. 

A wonderful thing about our benches is that they can be customised with specific features to make them more suitable in different settings. For example, we can provide changing room bench designs for swimming pools and locker rooms in commercial or industrial spaces. 

The following are some of the main advantages of our changing room benches, and many of the other products that we offer for sale:

  • Flexible: If you require wall mounted bench seating, freestanding benches or benches with coat hooks, we will assist you. Our innovative design team can work to find a solution for benches with hooks, shoe racks or shoe baskets and much more – depending on your unique requirements.
  • Space-saving: Our team can spot smart solutions. We will map your space effectively and come up with a functional option for both small or large areas. Space-saving techniques such as using double-sided changing room benches can increase the capacity of your changing room
  • A range of materials: If you require sturdy metal benches we can find a reliable product, but if you require a more cost-effective school, spa or gym changing room we can provide products that use different materials. The result is an overall lower price that does not compromise on design.
  • High performance: All products are designed to be outstanding in their use. If you have a swimming pool or wet space you can benefit from a high performing product like our Horizon Aluminium Bench seating, which is specifically designed for use in a wet and humid swimming pool or shower area.
  • Hygienic surfaces: You can add a high level of hygiene to changing room benches, which is particularly important for changing areas where cleanliness is essential – especially when they have a lot of regular use. Our changing room benches have easily wipe cleanable surfaces for fast and efficient cleaning.
  • Chemical resistant: If you regularly use harsh cleaning products or do a deep cleaning with strong chemicals your benches can benefit from our chemically resistant materials. Whether you are using regular household or industrial products all benches will resist corrosion.
  • Colour fastness: Nothing detracts from the appearance of a washroom more than the signs of age. Our changing room benches are available with materials that provide colour fastness under artificial light, meaning that your changing room will look like new or the longest possible time.
  • A range of finishes: You can finish your benches how you like, which is perfect for adding a sense of style or matching benches to the colours of school sports teams. There is an extensive range of woodgrain finishes available, which can help you to incorporate a functional design and a tasteful look.
  • Crack-resistant: Benches and seating that is subject to frequent use can crack if the wrong material is used, which undermines the design and safety of the seats. By using specialist crack-resistant materials we can provide benches that have a high strength and that will work reliably.
  • Inclusive design: We are experts in incorporating inclusive design principles in our work, to ensure that changing rooms are usable by all people. Our team can assess your space and offer solutions for better accessibility and functionality in any circumstance.

It is easy to get amazing changing room benches with all the functionality you require by using our services. Alongside our gym benches, we have a selection of other accessories, which can make valuable additions to a washroom or changing room installation.

Our team will work with you to determine the best options and can offer you an eclectic range of samples, which will help you visualise what your changing room benches will be like and provide a tactile experience. 

Why Choose Us for Your Changing Room Benches?

We are the best choice for reliable changing room benches in any setting because of our years of experience and reputation within the industry. Our team operates nationwide with a client-centric approach that revolves around transparency and communication.

All team members actively continue to develop in their professions, meaning they are constantly updating their skills, refining best practices and using the latest equipment – for the best possible results. We offer an opportunity for an efficient, precise and imaginative installation in your changing room.

For a demonstration of the level of quality that we deliver in our work, we compile a range of case studies – which showcase the fantastic installations we create across the UK.

Please feel free to check out our case studies page for more information and pictures.


Fast and Flexible Changing Room Bench Installations

We can reliably install changing room benches with all the specific features you require. Our benches are available with hooks, wall mounting and many other bespoke customisations. All of our products are of the highest quality and available at the most cost-effective prices.

You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a professional team dedicated to producing industry-leading results. If you require benches or any other furniture for a changing area we can provide a clear solution in the most efficient way. Get in touch today to learn more.

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