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Changing Rooms

Offering an office washroom and changing rooms as part of standard facilities can significantly boost the comfort, convenience and quality of life in an office or commercial building. When people have to work in an office space, they usually like to maintain their lifestyles – such as attending gyms during breaks.

Health and wellbeing are critical to work-life balance, and you can deliver these reliably by using our services. You will also get the following excellent benefits:

  • Cost-effective designs: We use low cost, high-quality products made of materials such as chipboard. As a result, offices and commercial buildings can easily afford the extra facilities when they choose the installation services of our talented team.
  • A wide range of finishes: You can have a neutral design if you run an office shared by multiple companies, and businesses with gym facilities can develop a brand-specific look from our wide range of finishes. Many materials are also available at a very low cost, such as vinyl and acrylic.
  • Speedy installations: When you install office washrooms and changing rooms with us you can offer them to office staff in the fastest possible time, with intelligent data-led design and installation practices that help to minimise time on site. Our efficiency also helps to lower the project’s costs.

You can deliver first-class office washrooms and changing rooms for people in commercial buildings with our exceptional services. Our team delivers the best products and compelling designs, on time and within budget. Please feel free to get in touch with us to start your new project anywhere in the UK.

What Are the Benefits of Office Washroom and Changing Rooms

The idea of adding a specific changing area to an office setting can seem indulgent, but it is a good idea for a forward-thinking office to embrace the need for extra facilities. Changing areas will expand the range of activities that a typical office worker can build into their day, which greatly improves their quality of life.

Advantages of installing office washrooms with changing room facilities include the following:

  • Cyclist support: Office changing rooms allow people to change easily. People who attend the office regularly will often travel by bicycle, which means they can either change in smaller toilet cubicles or simply wear their office clothes while cycling – which is not good for comfort or hygiene.
  • Encouraging health and well-being: Office-based running clubs, individual gym sessions and other activities are much more practical when there is a dedicated changing space with lockers, benches and showers. By installing office washrooms with adjacent changing rooms, you can actively promote better office health.
    Hygiene: Washrooms with changing rooms promote better hygiene, as people are not changing in the same areas where people use their washrooms. Adding shower cubicles will further promote hygiene for people who pursue energetic activities while at work.

The benefits of an office washroom with changing rooms are many, and if you provide gym areas, yoga studios and other facilities for staff then they are essential. You can take a look at our case studies for more detail on our high-quality installations. Get in touch with us today to start your project.

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