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Brilliant School Changing Room Designs

Concept Cubicle Systems designs, supplies, and installs personalised school changing room facilities across the UK. We have a range of durable, high quality cubicles, lockers, and benches, perfect for PE changing rooms. CCS will work with you to design a custom changing room solution, tailored to the needs of your school building. We build imaginative, inclusive, and cost effective school changing room spaces for physical education, designed around the needs of children and young people.

We prioritise sturdiness, security, and cleanliness in our range of changing rooms. Our designs are both stylish and able to withstand the rigours of a high intensity school environment.

At CCS, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality bespoke changing rooms whatever the budget. We offer tailored designs within standard design specifications, allowing us to efficiently respond to the needs of clients both big and small.

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How We Ensure Inclusive and Effective School Changing Rooms

Our team understands how to make the best use of space, tailoring the layouts of our school changing rooms around the dimensions provided. School changing rooms are typically built in a mirrored design, split according to gender. We can establish how best to place benches, lockers, and cubicles within your space to allow for maximum occupancy.

Some of our range that can be used includes our durable cubicles, both for toilet and shower cubicles, our hygienic basins, our laminate lockers, and our bench seating. Our range of products is customisable, with our team tailoring styles, colours, and sizes to fit your spaces. Within a school changing room it is vital that all equipment can withstand heavy daily use. We will make sure that all aspects of your new installation are built for consistent use.

Hygiene is also crucial, with surfaces that can be easily cleaned strongly preferred. We will prioritise smooth, clean designs and cubicles that are easy to maintain. In terms of design, it is also important that your new PE changing rooms are visually appropriate for your school. We will work with you to tailor the aesthetics and design of your new school changing room, making sure we fit the identity of your school.

Inclusivity sits at the centre of everything we do at CCS. We are able to alter the specifications of almost all of our cubicles, and have a wealth of experience custom fitting disabled washrooms and changing facilities. We work to ensure that all of our changing rooms are as inclusively designed as they can be, and our specification experts work within the industry to advance inclusive design.

Our School Changing Room Components

Our website features some amazing case studies, showcasing the kind of bespoke service we provide to our clients. Some examples of cubicles and furniture we could use within your school changing room would be:

  • Horizon Aluminium Bench Seating: Suitable for demanding environments, our hygienic benches are easy to maintain and resistant to cracks and impacts. They are available as a stand alone, a wall mounted single, or as either a single sided island or double sided island. Our Horizon range offers everything you could want in a school changing room bench.
  • Olympus Laminate Lockers: Heavy duty lockers with aluminium hinges and stainless steel pins. They come with a choice of locks, including coin or combo locks, perfect for a school environment. They can be manufactured in a wide range of colours. These are also perfect for a school locker room.
  • Solid Surface Wash Troughs: Large wash basins, designed to accommodate several taps, these are suited to a busy school environment. They are hygienic and easy to clean, whilst being durable and scratch resistant. They are available in sizes for up to five people, with a variety of trough shapes.
  • Force Washroom Cubicles: Our effective economy cubicles, Force can be used for both toilet and shower cubicles. These heavy duty cubicles are easy to maintain and hard wearing, coming in a wide assortment of colours. They are perfect for a secondary school or high school changing room.
  • Juno Washroom Cubicles: Perfect for primary school changing rooms, our Juno range maintains our hard wearing quality with reduced door heights.

Our cubicles come with a wide range of benefits including:

  • Crack Resistance
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Colour Fastness Under Artificial Light

Our products are all of the highest quality. Whatever your budget for a school changing room, you will benefit from our bespoke design and our hygienic, hard wearing range.


Order a School Changing Room from Concept Cubicle Systems

We bring years of design experience to each new project we undertake, working with each of our clients to tailor a changing room solution around their needs. We pride ourselves on being precise, punctual, and imaginative. CCS has positioned itself as a market leader in bespoke cubicle systems due to our forward thinking design and scalable models. 

Whether you are looking to overhaul your current school changing rooms, or fitting a completely new school gym, our specification experts will be up to the challenge.

Get in touch with our team today for a free quote on your school changing room project.

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