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Hardwearing Changing Room Lockers

Concept Cubicle Systems offers high quality changing room lockers, designed and fitted around the needs of your premises. We have beautiful locker units for sale across the UK, prioritising inclusive designs that function in all settings whilst remaining solid and easy to clean.

Whether you are looking for lockers for your gym, school, office, or leisure centre changing rooms, CCS can design and fit bespoke and sturdy lockers for you.

Our Olympus Laminate Lockers are designed to be anti-bacterial, allowing for easy cleaning whilst remaining hygienic. They are durable, built with hardwearing compact grade laminate and sprung aluminium hinges. Our wide range of lockers are also built to offer high standards of security, ensuring the safety of all personal effects stored within.

We offer quality designs at fast speeds, with our team working at competitive prices. We prioritise inclusivity in our design, accommodating the needs of our clients. We utilise NBS specifications, allowing our team to plan and install locker systems at the highest levels of efficiency. Get in contact with our team today for a quote on your custom fitted changing room lockers, regardless of size.

Our Range of Changing Room Lockers

Our high quality Olympus Laminate Lockers are perfect for all changing rooms, be they in offices, sports locations, or primary schools. They are designed to be simple and stylish, coming in a highly customizable series of colours. Their doors are built with 10mm compact grade laminate, perfect for high traffic environments. Their carcasses and shelving are built of durable aluminium, with heavy duty aluminium hinges and stainless steel pins. 

Our Olympus Laminate Lockers are for sale in two sizes, 1800mm x 300mm x 450mm, or 1800mm x 400mm x 450mm, allowing for extra width if needed. We will organise the layout of our storage lockers around the dimensions of your space.

There is also a choice of four locks on our lockers:

  • Combo Locks
  • Coin Locks
  • Coin Collect Boxes
  • Cam Locks

These different lock types are suited to different environments, with coin locks or combo locks suited to public facilities like leisure centres, and cam locks suited to private environments like office changing rooms.

Your compartment lockers can come in a variety of colours and finishes, blending with a variety of aesthetics. From muted colours, to brighter hues, to wood effects, to stone effect lockers, we cater to a wide variety of looks with our high quality Olympus Laminate Lockers, and will have a colour choice perfect for your changing room.

Our range is designed for the rigours that come with consistent daily use. Our door lockers are designed to meet these high expectations, offering a range of features to help ensure long life:

  • Crack Resistance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Resistant to Chemical and Household Products
  • Colour Fastness Under Artificial Light
  • Hygienic Surfaces

Our lockers are of the highest quality, and can be tailored to fit the needs of your building, both in terms of design, size, and lock type. CCS offers durable, stylish lockers, tailored and fitted to your space, whatever size it may be.

Our Specialist Service

Concept Cubicle Systems designs and installs personalised changing room lockers across the country. Our team offers a bespoke service every time, working with businesses to tailor solutions to their needs. We pride ourselves on offering inclusive, strong, and high quality changing room spaces. We can respond to the needs of our clients whilst remaining prompt through our combination of standardised specifications and bespoke designs.

When you work with CCS our team will be with you through every step of the process, offering a cost-effective, friendly, and fast service. We combine human expertise, cutting edge technology, and fantastic quality products to offer an unrivalled service. We will design, build, and fit your lockers across the UK.

We have samples of our products available, giving you a feel for our range and quality. When you work with our team we can tailor to the needs of your workspace, whether that is an upscale office, a school, a school, a swimming pool, or any other environment. We will structure the layout of your changing room lockers, customising their designs, and working with you to choose the perfect colour and lock choice for your location.

As well as lockers, we offer other products for sale that are perfect for your changing room. We have high quality Horizon Changing Room Benches, with wooden seat slats, in either single sided or double sided bench seating. We also sell wash basins, and a range of cubicle walls. All of these are highly customizable, much like our lockers. CCS can custom fit an entire changing room, with cubicles, lockers and benches.

Bespoke Changing Room Lockers from Concept Cubicle Systems

Our experienced team is ready to begin work on your changing room locker design, with our durable, stylish lockers designed to last for many years. We work at a high level of quality, delivering timely, stylish results for our clients.

We work nationwide, and can tailor our services and products to suit your budgetary requirements. Whatever you are looking for in terms of changing room lockers, CCS can supply it.

Get in contact with us today to start discussing the planning process for your new changing room lockers.

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