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High-quality, Durable Gym Changing Room Installations

We can help plan the layout, design the colour scheme and map the dimensions of your gym changing room facilities, which will provide you with a high-quality installation. Our services are the best solution for an efficient, cost-effective and imaginative space, with clever ideas that offer a bespoke solution for your gym.

Interior designs for health clubs, gyms, team locker rooms and other sports or training facilities require a specialist approach to interior design. High-functionality, sturdiness and hygiene are incredibly important for changing or shower areas in a facility, and our installations meet all these requirements.

For innovative and creative gym changing rooms that come in on time and budget, with the highest quality products, you can use our design and installation services to ensure the best outcome.

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What Are Some Ideas And Considerations For Effective Gym Changing Room Design?

Our team is capable of analysing a room to determine the best layout that makes use of the dimensions in your space. Ideally, a gym area is suitable for males and females of all shapes and sizes, and there are some subtle design considerations to take into account to accommodate all of this clientele.

Sturdy benches, spacious shower enclosures and doors, hygienic vanity units and durable fixtures are essential for the fast-paced use that a gym changing room is subject to. Gym changing room design is much more involved than a typical bathroom or washroom installation – as a lot more functionality is necessary.

When we undertake your gym changing room project we will use computer models and software to accurately plan the layout of your space and ensure that each product fits precisely and uses all available space. Considerations we take into account during design include the following:

  • Strength: A key component of any shared or public space is strength and durability. We use the best products and installation techniques to ensure that everything in the room is capable of handling consistent use.
  • Hygiene: One of the most important aspects of gym changing rooms is hygiene. We use materials that will resist strong cleaning products to ensure that all areas are as easily-cleanable as possible.
  • Design: Ergonomics, branding and functional aesthetics in fittings or accessories are important things to consider during the design of gym changing rooms. We always work to tailor each space to its brand identity.

Our Complete Portfolio of Gym Facilities

Check out our amazing range of case studies for a better idea of the quality we deliver. To get a sense of the gym-specific products we provide take a look at our gym toilet and shower cubicles.

Some examples of the gym changing room products we provide include the following:

  • Horizon Aluminium Bench Seating: Durable, crack resistant and impact resistant seating that maximises space, with a hygienic surface and moisture-resistant material. This bench is ideal for any gym, swimming pool and sports team changing room.
  • Olympus Laminate Lockers: These chemical and moisture resistant lockers will withstand wet environments and handle very harsh cleaning products, all while offering spacious lockable storage for gym users. These lockers are a heavy-duty option for all types of changing room.
  • Mirror Boxes: By maximising wall area you make the most of the size of your space, which can create a feeling that a changing room is larger. These boxes also cleverly blend in hand dryers and paper or soap dispensers for a multi-functional unit that packs a huge amount within small dimensions.

The main attributes that our gym changing room products feature are:

  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Colour fastness under artificial light.
  • Crack resistance.
  • Crack resistance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Moisture resistance.

We only select the highest quality products so, whatever design you land on, you will receive a commercial-grade installation that lasts.

Hygienic & Durable Changing Room Installations

Our services lead us to design compelling bathroom, washroom and changing room spaces in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. By using intelligent computer modelling we can map dimensions accurately and design layouts for changing rooms of many sizes.

With thought-leading design ideas and installation practices, as well as the best commercial products on the market, we deliver durable gym changing rooms in the fastest time and at the lowest cost in the industry.

Feel free to get in touch today for a free quote on your gym changing room project.

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