Durable Shop Changing Room Cubicles For Retail

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Changing Room Cubicles For Retail

The correct dimensions, materials and features are all important to get right for shop changing room cubicles. Our services are the best solution for the most effective retail shop changing room cubicles that help contribute to sales.

As leading suppliers and installers of cubicle and washroom systems in a variety of industrial or commercial settings, we offer the best prices on the highest quality products available. Coupling this with our installation capabilities and precise, technology-driven designs – we provide the best results.

With fast turnaround times and a range of cubicle designs to choose from, we can deliver both large and small scale projects on time and budget Рall with a price match guarantee. 

Please feel free to get in touch with us today for a free quote on a shop changing room cubicles installation.

Ideas and Considerations for Changing Rooms in Retail

Unlike a gym or swimming pool, this type of changing area is not just a functional space to switch clothes for another activity. In this case, changing clothes is integral to the buying journey of retail shopping.

As a result, one factor to consider is that of lighting and display – to showcase clothing in a way that encourages the customer to make a purchase. Effective lighting, mirroring and other visual considerations are important to make sure that cubicles contribute towards the success of the store, and are not just a place to change.

When designing for retail, considerations for changing room cubicles include the following:

  • Privacy: While a changing room is innately private, in a retail setting there are more considerations toward privacy – as it is not a utilitarian space for switching clothes but a place to reflect and analyse one’s appearance in private. As a result, sturdy and appropriately sized doors are essential.
  • Dimensions: The number of people who use a retail changing room cubicle is going to be significant, therefore dimensions suitable for all potential customers is necessary – otherwise a retail outlet limits their ability to accommodate, and sell to, everyone they possibly can.
  • Functionality: Mirrors are of course necessary for a successful sale, but functional features such as 360 mirrors (which may include mirrors on the back of doors) can offer a retail-specific feature. Bright and flattering lighting is also desirable, perhaps with mirror-light integration.

Changing Cubicles For Any Shop

We provide excellent changing room facilities tailored to their space, so we work in a variety of sectors. Please view our case studies for a clearer idea of the quality that we provide in many different settings.

Some of the best shop changing room options from our cubicle range include the following:

  • Olympus Framed: This cubicle system is capable of withstanding a great deal of heavy use, so will last an exceptionally long time in a retail setting. They can work in fixed and freestanding positions, which makes them a very versatile option for a flexible dressing room design.
  • Horizon Aluminium Bench Seating: Seating is an essential feature of a shop changing room that is easy to overlook. A simple stool will not work when accommodating an older adult with mobility issues or just helping people try on tricky clothes. These solid benches will suit every need.
  • Reflective Finishes: Changing rooms are usually in a less well-lit section of the shop. Light wood grain finishes reflect existing light and can help people better view their clothes within a changing room. Bright brand-specific patterns and plain colours are also available if desired.

Essential features of shop changing room products include:

  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Colour fastness.
  • Crack resistance.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Heat resistance.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Resistance to cleaning products.
  • Scratch resistance.

All of our products use bespoke designs with standardised specifications.


Low Cost, High Quality Shop Changing Room Cubicles 

We offer a technology-driven approach to the design and installation of cubicle systems in a variety of settings, so you can get a more efficient and lower cost result. Our services can match any price.

Shop changing room cubicles require a specialist approach to interior design for outcomes that actively contribute to the sales on a shop floor. To start your new retail store design project please contact us for a free quote today.

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