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Quality Washroom Panels

With washroom panels, you can easily add hygienic surfaces to every area of a washroom system. Using our high-quality products you can easily boost the effectiveness of your washroom design. Panels are a very simple but highly effective innovation that can boost a washroom’s appearance and performance.

Our installations of panels and other washroom equipment are the best quality, and by choosing us you will also get the following benefits of our services:

  • Efficient installations: All the work that we do is delivered to the highest standard, but we also make use of building information modelling for very efficient installations. Our intelligent approach will help you to save money, as we can spend as little time on site as possible – as well as avoid waste.
  • Customisable designs: We understand the need for precise customisations, which is why we offer a lot of finishes and colour schemes. We even have a woodgrain finish, which provides an elegant, natural appearance while delivering the useful features of vinyl or acrylic.
  • Robust materials: Our washroom panels use sturdy materials, which are highly resistant to scratches and abrasion. You can be sure that the daily use of your washroom will not affect the ability of the washroom panels to work in both a functional and aesthetic sense.

You can use our washroom panels to build your washroom or use them as part of our installation services. Please make sure you get in touch with us to start planning your project, which will feature amazing washroom panels and many other outstanding products.

How Washroom Panels Will Benefit Your Bathroom Facilities

Washroom panels have a wide range of advantages, including the following:

  • Covering ugly ductwork: Ducts, pipes and other essential features of a bathroom can easily be hidden with effective panelling. Pipes, air vents and other infrastructure can also be effectively covered by using tasteful panels, creating a pleasant aesthetic and blocking any unsightly features.
  • Moisture resistance: Moisture resistance will make it much easier to protect walls and masonry. Resisting moisture means washroom panels are also very useful in gym changing rooms, where showers are much more likely to cause issues with humidity – so wall protection is important.
  • Low cost and high impact: The benefits that washroom panels can deliver are very high, and they come at a very manageable cost. It is extremely simple to add washroom panels to your initial plan – as they serve as a key feature that is unlikely to sway the overall feasibility of your installation

You can check out our excellent case studies, many of which feature sleek and well-finished washroom panels. We include washroom panels in many of the designs and installations we provide. If you have an installation to complete in commercial, educational or other settings please feel free to get in touch with us.

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