Commercial Bathroom Panels

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Commercial Bathroom Panels

Our commercial bathroom panels are suitable for the walls of many commercial bathrooms. Your installation will have a fast turnaround time, make use of cost-effective products or materials and provide a long-lasting and durable design. The commercial bathroom panels we use are all high-quality products.

Wall panels support a commercial bathroom setting by adding quick and easy options for cleaning, higher levels of hygiene and accessible design. Wall panels can have a professional look, using neutral colours, or feature a variety of tones and design details for many settings including factories and warehouses.

When you begin your commercial bathroom panels installation project with us, we will provide an imaginative and inventive approach to your design using the expertise of our talented team. Please feel free to get in touch with us today for a more accurate idea of pricing.

Why Choose Our Design Service

We make use of the best and most practical designs in all of our bathroom and washroom product range.

Wall panels, such as our laminate duct panels, are a particularly useful product for your commercial bathroom installation as they present many design and functionality benefits. These advantages include the following:

  • Easy to clean: Wall panels work well behind a urinal and along the walls of a unit of sinks or troughs. They also work well below hand driers. Wall panels prevent wall damage from splashing by using a smooth and tough material, which also makes them very easy to clean. Wall panels assist in providing lasting hygiene for a commercial bathroom.
  • Customisable: It does not matter whether your bathroom design requires a full-height panel system, a partial-height panel system or a combination of both. You can create different heights for walls that will be wetter, such as shower walls, or have higher levels of bathroom traffic. Multiple colour options are also available.
  • Range of PVC wall panels and chipboard materials: We can create a look that works for your commercial bathroom space using a wide range of PVC and wooden materials, depending on your needs. Laminated chipboard panels provide a sleek and durable look at a low-cost.
  • Cover up ducting and pipework: Plumbing is essential for commercial bathrooms, and wall panels can cover any of the unsightly pipework and ducts that form a core part of many commercial buildings. This means that access is still possible, but only when necessary and only to the appropriate maintenance staff.

Benefits of Bathroom Cubicles and Duct Panels

Our toilet cubicle panels allow for easy access to cisterns and also make it possible to camouflage internal structures for a sleek and uniform look. Other benefits include the following:

  • Less moisture and condensation
  • Acoustic insulation for cubicle walls
  • Thermal insulation for walls
  • Low preparation requirements of the walls
  • Avoids the use of grout
  • Suitable in hot and colder temperatures
  • A non-rotting material

You will get a stylish and possibly lower-cost alternative to tiling by using panels. The commercial bathroom panels we provide are bespoke to your space and can incorporate design considerations such as colouring and branding quite easily.

Our wall panels provide an effective seal and finish to protect against any problems with moisture. Wall panels are also relatively simple to fit, so it is possible to install them quickly.


Our Installation and Service Promise

Not only will you benefit from the main advantages of wall panels, but you will also have a considerable benefit from the professional and adaptable approach our team of experts contribute.

We can work with you to advise on wall panelling options that meet with any budgetary requirements or other needs. Our experts will help you by providing knowledgeable advice to balance the needs of your design. See our case studies for some compelling examples of how we blend the specific needs of each design project with appropriate material choices and installation techniques.

The need to come in on budget and with a level of design that is acceptable is important, and we promise to install your wall panels with exacting specifications and the highest-quality materials no matter what products you choose.

Professional Commercial Bathroom Panels Design and Installation

Your bathroom will benefit from the selection of wall panels we have to offer. We will transform your commercial bathroom space using wall panels and any other aspects of design that you require. Wall panels can add an element of hygiene and functionality, as well as enhancing aesthetics.

Make sure that you contact us for more information on pricing and an estimate for your installation. We will install your commercial bathroom quickly, at a low-cost and with high-quality workmanship that will provide durable and lasting results.

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