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When designing a washroom the comfort and privacy of the user are of vital importance. Using washroom partitions is a very simple way of making sure that facilities are accessible by all people, without infringing on their sense of space in what is intended to be a very personal space.

Choosing us for your washroom partitions will give you the following advantages:

  • Industry-leading products: While washroom partitions are a very simple innovation, they will require the best materials for the most effective results. We use the best materials that come in at a low cost but can very simply divide the areas within a washroom.
  • Sturdy designs: There is no point in having a washroom partition that is not fit for purpose, so we insist on rugged designs that can withstand pressure and the occasional knock or bump while in regular use. All of our products are robust and durable for the best performance.
  • Customisable designs: With an array of finishes you can easily find the perfect partition design that works perfectly for your needs. We can easily add wipe-cleanable partitions that will work well for simple and effective maintenance after use.

We are a leading supplier and installer of washroom and toilet partitions, as well as many other exceptional products. If you are ready to have washroom partitions installed as part of your new washroom installation then please feel free to get in touch with us today and start your project.

Why You Need Our Outstanding Washroom Partitions

While they are arguably not the most exciting product, commercial, office and educational settings can all benefit from washroom partitions. Partitions serve an underrated function and add a sense of subtlety to a washroom design, with a slimline appearance that makes for a very clean look.

There are many advantages of washroom partitions, but the key benefits of partitions include the following:

  • Water resistance: Washroom partitions not only allow for greater privacy but also give you an effective splash guard. Ensuring the washroom systems are hygienic and work well is very important, and this is a less talked about benefit that partitions deliver.
  • Scratch resistance: Scratches and abrasion from regular use or while cleaning partitions can be avoided with our scratch-resistant materials. All of our products will also give you a good way to clean thoroughly without having to worry about scratches, which is a great boon for hygiene.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Thanks in part to their simplicity, washroom partitions are very affordable. Partitions are a very good addition and will suit almost any budget, so they are simple to include while planning costs and do not influence the overall affordability of the project.

You can view our work on our case studies page, which showcases several exceptional washroom installations that feature partitions of various kinds. Now that you are ready to add partitions to your washroom design, please feel free to get in touch with us to start planning your project today.

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