Commercial Toilet Partitions

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Commercial Toilet Partitions

At Concept Cubicle Systems, we design sleek, modern and stunning commercial toilet partitions to heighten privacy in any bathroom. A toilet partition is an enclosure that surrounds toilets in public bathrooms, commercially and otherwise. The function of a toilet partition is to provide privacy for the person using the bathroom. As a company, we are incredibly proud of our attention to detail and it is this that we try to incorporate into each toilet partition we create to ensure perfection in the design.

Our commercial toilet partitions can be used for toilet cubicles, as well as shower cubicles within the commercial sector to improve privacy, ease of use and security. Here at Concept Cubicles, we know the importance of products standing the test of time and lasting in harsh environments, which is why you will discover we install toilet partitions in several areas:

Our hardy toilet partitions are particularly sought-after with companies, contractors and those working in the commercial industry. Our toilet partitions offer themselves to members of the public and staff alike and heighten the style and function of any bathroom.

Our Range of Commercial Toilet Partitions

Here at Concept Cubicles, we have a plethora of toilet partitions available to all our customers and clients within the commercial area. To ensure durability, ease of use and functionality, we provide toilet partitions for a variety of uses:


The Force Range

The Force Range is an excellent range of toilet partitions designed specially to withstand misuse in public places, such as public toilets and unsupervised washrooms. The Force Range is functional in that it can be used in both toilet and shower cubicles. These floor to ceiling partitions help to create a private and comfortable bathroom experience for all users. With over 50 colour combinations, there are certainly plenty of options to choose from.


The Curve Range

The Curve Range is designed especially for both toilet and shower cubicles. This range utilises vandal and water resistance to ensure that the design remains aesthetically pleasing and is a durable and reliable choice for anyone in the commercial sector. The curve range is ideal for offices as it has been designed with sophistication and professionalism in mind. If you choose this range for your commercial bathroom, you certainly won’t be disappointed.


Order Your Commercial Toilet Partitions from Concept Cubicle Systems

If you work in the commercial sector and are in search of toilet partitions, look no further than Concept Cubicles. We have everything you need right here. Our systems are specially designed to suit your aesthetic requirements and we have a variety of partitions to choose from.

If you work in the building sector and need a touch, durable commercial toilet, the Force Range is among the best you’ll find on the market and we would highly recommend it to anyone.

Here at Concept Cubicles, we work hard to ensure our prices remain friendly and we are happy to help you find a product that can fit nicely into your budget. For further information, get in touch today via our contact page, or use the enquiry form below – we would be more than happy to help!

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