Toilet Cubicle Doors, Locks and Hinges

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Toilet Cubicle Doors, Locks and Hinges

Concept Cubicle Systems are proud to offer a wide range of toilet cubicles and their parts across a variety of sectors, from healthcare and leisure centres to schools, universities and commercial offices. We help our customers find a design that will best suit their facility.

The toilet cubicle door hinges, latches and locks will differ depending on the type of cubicle your facility needs, but there is no need to worry about choosing these features independently.

Contact us today and we can discuss your requirements before we work out which cubicle is most suitable for your space. The cubicle hinges, doors and locks with each of the different designs will always be exactly what you need.

Our Toilet Cubicle Features

We install our products across a large range of industry sectors and business types, so our doors, hinges and locks are most suitable for facilities in:

We can design our locks, doors and hinges to match and blend in with the rest of your toilets’ aesthetics as well, so there will be no need to redecorate your facilities in order to match your new installations.


We Prioritise Our Customers

Customer care and satisfaction is our number one priority, so our staff will always be available to answer any questions or queries about our products and services. Our dedicated team of expert builders can also install your new cubicle doors for you, ensuring that the locks and hinges fit properly and that the doors hang correctly.


Toilet Cubicle Doors, Locks and Hinges for the Education Sector

Toilets installed for the education sector will see a high volume of traffic every day, meaning that they need to be made durable and easy to maintain. The doors, locks and hinges of our cubicles for educational facilities are made to fit and suit the age range of the people who will be using them. For instance, school toilet cubicle door locks will need to be capable of being operated by young children, as well as older children who have more developed fine motor skills, while toilets for secondary schools and universities will mostly not require this feature.

To provide a comparison, our Little Ones range for nursery age children (3-5 years) comes with magnetic catches instead of a traditional toilet cubicle door latch, in order to prevent accidental lock-ins. They also have no sharp edges or corners that a child could catch themselves on, while our Juno range (for children aged 5-11 years) comes in different door shapes to allow for teacher supervision, as well as door sizes to accommodate for the different key stages in education.

For more information about the toilet cubicles we offer for the education sector, please go to our page, or get in touch with us today.

Toilet Cubicle Doors, Locks and Hinges for the Business Sector

The commercial toilet cubicle doors we provide help reflect the professional nature of the firm that purchased them, by having a modern, stylish look. The doors, locks and hinges we install will assist in this, as well as offering the extra levels of privacy and security that will be expected.

As an example, our Reflect range of cubicle doors come with a hard laminate finish designed to suit any office space and a stainless steel lock to provide the highest levels of security possible. Our Force range is also particularly sought after in terms of secure toilets, as the damage and water resistant compact grade laminate doors, combined with a heavy-duty, satin anodised aluminium lock, make them perfect for toilets in pubs and unsupervised public washrooms.

If you want to know more about the ranges we have available for businesses and commerce, click through to our contact page.


Toilet Cubicle Doors, Locks and Hinges for the Leisure Sector

Most of our customers who are looking for cubicle doors, complete with locks and hinges, in the leisure sector already have a design in mind when they come to us. We have a wide selection available for this sector, but the doors, in particular, will change depending on whether they are looking to redesign standard toilet cubicle doors or are looking to install something new for shower cubicles.

Our Olympus Framed cubicles come with damage and water-resistant compact grade laminate doors, designed for the user’s complete privacy, and feature anti-trap hinges and powder-coated aluminium locks, which are water-resistant. Our Olympus Glass range offers these as well, except the doors are made of obscured glass instead of a laminate finish.

To find out more about the cubicles we provide for the leisure sector, contact us.

Toilet Cubicle Doors, Locks and Hinges for the Healthcare Sector

In order to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and safety, it is vital for toilet cubicle doors, locks and hinges in healthcare facilities to be just as easy to clean and maintain as the rest of the washroom design. The products we provide for this sector are specifically designed for healthcare facilities, and are available with features that meet the highest standards expected.

For example, our Postform range comes with high pressure, laminated MR chipboard doors, designed for easy cleaning and complete with satin anodised aluminium locks. These are easy to clean and perfect for maintaining a patient’s privacy. Our Force range is also suitable for this, as doors in this range are designed to withstand heavy use. As such, a facility with these will not need replacement toilet cubicle doors as often. To see the products we offer for this sector, please go to our healthcare cubicle page.

As these products are specifically designed for healthcare facilities, it is highly likely that you will have a particular set of requirements already in mind when you call to order. Please don’t hesitate to tell us what these are when discussing your purchase with one of our members of staff ‒ we will be happy to accommodate your needs.


Contact Us Today

We are proud to design and install a wide range of toilet and shower cubicles across a variety of sectors, each requiring their own differently styled doors, hinges and locks. If you would like to know more about any of the cubicles we provide, please use the enquiry form below or head to our contact page to get in touch. We are also happy to help with any needs that your facilities may have, so if you need a different toilet cubicle door size or varying toilet cubicle door widths, please let us know when placing your order.

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