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Wash Troughs

If you have washroom facilities in commercial spaces it can be difficult to get the balance right. Do you want an attractive inviting design like you might see in an upscale shopping mall or hotel space? Or perhaps a more industrial appearance that achieves high functionality by using efficient and easy to clean wash troughs?

The reality is that you can blend both attractive design and functionality to create an aesthetically pleasing look featuring the hard-wearing stainless steel taps, porcelain basins or acrylic troughs that an industrial setting requires.

We are experts in creating inventive designs that suit a variety of price ranges and can deliver fast installations on projects of many sizes. Contact us for more information on our range of wash troughs and to get a free quote.

When to Choose Wash Troughs

A wash trough is a long and slim hand washing basin for communal use. The sinks are generally not intended to fill with water.

Wash troughs are perfect for commercial and industrial settings where people regularly get their hands dirty. Potential areas that can benefit from wash troughs include:

  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Laboratories and research centres

Wash troughs will also work in schools, office buildings, gyms and public bathrooms where there is a lot of foot traffic.

What Are the Benefits of Wash Troughs?

The wash trough provides a very large basin, which makes it easier to extensively wash your hands. The acrylic plastic layers on the troughs we provide are sturdy and the troughs can attach to a concrete wall. Wall-mounted troughs let people support themselves while using without any trouble and also helps hide any plumbing.

The sizes of the basins we provide will also offer a good level of depth, meaning people can reach down to run their hands or arms thoroughly under the water. They are simple to clean as there is only one large basin and many people can use them simultaneously.

The wash troughs we supply have the following features:

  • abrasion resistant
  • colour fastness under artificial light
  • crack resistant
  • easy maintenance
  • heat resistant
  • hygienic surface
  • impact resistant
  • moisture resistant
  • resistant to chemical and industry products
  • scratch resistant

The wash troughs we supply have curved, flat and slanted variations for easier water runoff and better hygiene. The material we use is timber free substrate with a solid acrylic surface. They also come with chrome-plated waste outlets. There are a wide variety of colours and finishes available, including woodgrain and marbled designs. 

There is flexibility on sizes too, the dimensions we can fit include:

  • 600 mm long (single user)
  • 1200 mm long (two person)
  • 1800 mm long (three person)
  • 2400 mm long (four person)
  • 3000 mm long (five person)

Overall, wash troughs provide a better hand wash than a ceramic porcelain basin. You can view some of our solid surface wash troughs for a better idea of the quality materials we use and the design options available.

Our Wash Trough Installation Services

We provide innovative systems for washrooms in a variety of commercial, industrial, educational and public spaces, so we have the know-how to adapt to the specifics of your project.

Our team will provide bespoke solutions for wash troughs and any other washroom systems you are looking to install. When our installation team visits the construction site they will carry out the installation very efficiently. You will get a custom solution at a low cost and we promise to beat any price. All installations have a very fast turnaround time, so your industrial or commercial washroom space will be ready for full use as soon as possible.


Quality Commitments

We deliver washrooms that beat expectations in terms of performance and style. No matter how big or small your project may be you will receive custom designs with standardised specifications to suit your requirements, and we will make sure to fit your price range.

We actively develop and contribute to a range of case studies to showcase our work. You can browse these to see the wide range of projects we carry out. We have a case study specifically from a client who wanted durable wash troughs, so feel free to browse it for a very clear idea on the level of quality we provide in our troughs.


Industrial Wash Trough and Basin Systems

We only use the best products and we are confident our friendly and professional service will exceed your expectations. Your final result will be a sturdy and durable installation that lasts.

To get a free quote please contact us for further information. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.


FAQs and Useful Information

The following are some useful details and frequently asked questions about wash troughs and the services we provide:

How much will my wash trough installation cost?

The final price for your wash trough installation will depend on the size of your installation and the products you choose. We promise to beat any price and can work with you to provide an estimate that is suitable for many budgets.

How long will my installation take?

The duration of your installation will depend on the scale of the project, the ease of access to the construction site and the overall state of the site. Our team is efficient and will aim to spend as little time on site as possible.

What type of materials do you use?

We only use the best materials and frequently use wood units and ceramic basins in our installations. The wash troughs we supply are made from wood and acrylic. We use sturdy stainless steel taps.

Do you provide accessories?

Yes. We have a range of accessories for sale including hand dryers, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers.

Get in touch today to start your project.

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