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Heavy-Duty Industrial Washroom Sinks

An industrial washroom sink can easily accommodate a large number of users at the same time. When people need to wash their hands, a bigger industrial style basin with multiple taps feeding into it can be a lot more convenient and hygienic. The use of trough sinks is popular in quality washrooms across many sectors, including commercial offices and public transport hubs.

However, a few sectors will find significant benefits from the use of industrial washroom equipment, such as a trough style sink. These sectors include the following:

  • Schools: Almost any educational setting can benefit from the presence of an industrial sink. Using a trough style sink will enable many students to use the sink at once, which is very handy after science classes or art lessons – where mess is common and good hygiene is essential.
  • Medical and science sectors: As handling chemicals is often a part of the daily duties of scientists and doctors, industrial sinks can ensure people have washroom facilities that will properly serve their needs. Enhancing hygiene in a medical setting by using an industrial sink can also boost health standards.
  • Manufacturing: Factories and industrial settings will regularly require staff to handle chemicals and otherwise hazardous substances, so an industrial sink is a perfect match. Trough sinks have much deeper basins, so it is easier to reach up to and even above arm’s length – for a more thorough and complete clean.

We offer a range of commercial washroom solutions with incredible products and efficient installations. Our team uses exceptional materials and washroom accessories, which include sturdy toilet roll dispensers, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, hand dryers and other sanitary ware, to complement an industrial sink.

You can take advantage of our unique products and experienced team when installing high-performance industrial washroom sinks in schools, hospitals, factories – or any other area where hygiene is particularly important. Get in touch with us today to learn more about industrial sinks and to start your project.

Why You Need Our Industrial Washroom Sinks

The Solid Surface Wash Troughs we have available are a leading product and will guarantee that you have a reliable and effective solution for handwashing or general hygiene in any washroom. The benefits of our Solid Surface Wash Troughs, which make for highly durable and aesthetically-pleasing industrial washroom sinks, include the following:

  • Excellent hygiene: Using a wash trough will give you a much more hygienic alternative to a traditional vanity unit, which is useful when you have to keep hygiene as a top priority. By using wall or deck-mounted taps you can easily create a hygiene-centric washroom when choosing an industrial trough style sink.
  • Multiple shapes: If you have a preference for a curved design you can adapt your wash troughs to suit your tastes. Curved designs can make for much easier cleaning, as there are no tricky crevices to get to within the basin. However, if you require an angular walled type of basin we can accommodate this need too.
  • Chemical resistance: You can use very strong cleaning chemicals on our wash troughs, which will mean that you can promote the highest levels of hygiene. Chemical resistance is a key product feature and will be of great benefit to laboratories or industrial settings – where high-strength cleaning products are in regular use.
    Impact resistance: If a washroom is subject to heavy use, damage can often occur from occasional knocks and drops. However, by choosing our impact-resistant industrial washroom sinks, you can avoid many annoying and unnecessary maintenance issues. You are highly unlikely to have any problems – even with heavy and regular use.

Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, so they are perfect for many commercial industrial settings. You can also take advantage of our excellent installation services, which are very efficient and make use of building information modelling (BIM) – a cost-effective process that helps to reduce waste and time on site.

To showcase the quality of our work, we create a variety of amazing case studies. A very good example of an industrial washroom sink in action, with an elegant wash trough finish, is in our case study for Burrox Investments in London. Make sure you take a look at our installations for a better idea of the brilliant projects we complete.


Industrial Washroom Sinks and Leading Installations

Industrial sinks will make a good addition to any washroom and can perfectly match toilet cubicles and many other bathroom features, simply by selecting from our wide range of possible finishes. Woodgrain finishes can make for a stylish yet functional solution for offices and commercial buildings, as well as in more industrial settings.

As providers of top-class equipment for washrooms across a vast range of sectors, we are an ideal source for the best quality products and most effective installations. If you have a washroom project to complete in the UK and would like to incorporate our Solid Surface Wash Troughs please feel free to get in touch.

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