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We are leading providers of washrooms that are ideal for many sectors, including offices, commercial buildings and educational settings. With our services, you can make use of industry-leading products and introduce highly functional designs that add value to a washroom environment.

Benefits of choosing Concept Cubicle Systems for your Washrooms

Just some of the fantastic benefits of choosing us for your washrooms or changing rooms include the following:

  • Durable products: Our fantastic products are reliable, and made for use by many people on a day-to-day basis. All of our installations make use of our quality product designs, that are completely customisable with finishes and colour schemes tailored to your requirements. From cubicles to vanity units, our washroom products are built to last.
  • Fast installations: For commercial spaces, offices and schools the turnaround on a project is critical to your daily operations. Using the skills of our team you can benefit from extremely precise and efficient planning, which is very cost-effective for your project.
  • Inclusive designs: We can help you to save space and cater for people living with a disability thanks to our inclusive design practices. Our design team can also deliver products for gender-neutral public washroom facilities as well as washroom renovations for any sex-segregated systems.

If you have a commercial, office or educational space you need to have top-notch facilities – otherwise, your maintenance costs will soar and you will lose value from your investment. We deliver exceptional washrooms across the UK, so to take advantage of our talented team please feel free to get in touch with us today.

Why You Need Our Industry-Leading Washroom Installations

Our washrooms and cubicle systems are superbly designed using innovative materials that have a high degree of functionality. Your new washroom will benefit from hygienic, crack-resistant materials so you can have peace of mind that the washroom will be up to the job of handling consistent or heavy use.

You can also get the following benefits of choosing our services for your washroom installation, no matter what sector:

  • Time-saving: With building information modelling we can deliver a large time-saving gain to your operation. This data-led approach to planning, design and installation boosts the effectiveness of our work and results in a lower amount of waste, fewer project surprises and total reliability.
  • Cost-saving: You will get a great cost-saving from the planning that we will deliver, which ensures that we spend minimal time on site and complete projects within the intended timeframe. Our products also make use of low-cost materials such as vinyl and chipboard, for further cost gains.
  • Bespoke designs: No two washrooms are alike, and we recognise this in our designs. We use standard dimensions for easy upgrades and replacements, but we will design each washroom to your individual space – with many finishes and customisations on offer.

Bestselling Washroom Services

Some of our bestselling washroom services and products include:

To get an idea of the outstanding quality of our installations make sure that you take a look at our exceptional case studies page, which showcases some of the highlights of our work in delivering first-class washrooms across the UK. Get in touch with us today now you are ready to begin your new washroom installation.

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