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Fast and Efficient Commercial Washroom Installers for High-Quality Results

We supply and install commercial washroom products for office blocks across the UK. Our commercial washroom refurbishment services will not be beaten on price or speed – and we can deliver outstanding washroom refurbishments for a variety of sectors using our durable, high-quality products.

This impeccable service makes us ideal for developers, architects and contractors who need to fit commercial washrooms at a high standard and cost-effective price.

As industry-leading commercial office installers, we take care of every aspect of the supply and installation with our experienced team of washroom installation experts.

By choosing us you also get the following advantages of our services:

  • Inclusive design: For commercial building work, we can design and build toilet cubicles with the principles of inclusive design as a key focus. Our design team leads the industry in delivering flexible designs for people of different requirements to use a commercial bathroom in total comfort and safety.
  • Durable products: Our toilet cubicles, washbasins and accessories are built to withstand the most demanding of commercial environments, from busy office buildings and retail spaces to factories and warehouses. As a result, our washroom and toilet refurbishments offer a reliable return investment.
  • Fast processes: We use innovative design and planning processes that keep us at the pinnacle of the construction trade, such as building information modelling (BIM). This data-led approach to planning and installing your bathroom is very efficient, so you save a lot of time and ultimately costs by working with us.

As a cubicle system and washroom installation company with a combination of the best products, installation techniques and project costs possible we are the smart choice for all kinds of commercial buildings. You will see the quality of our work when you get in touch with our commercial washroom installers and get your project underway.

Why You Need Our Commercial Washroom Installers

We will give you access to an incredibly talented team of experts with a wide range of accreditations. Our experience crosses through an array of design, construction and logistical disciplines. As a result, the quality of the commercial toilet refurbishments we create is first class – so we are the best option if you want quality,

When we work with you there is no need to deny yourself the perfect installation if you are focusing on keeping costs low, as our imaginative team can find a solution to suit most budgets.

Aside from quality and cost benefits, you can get the following additional advantages from using our services:

  • Personalised designs and customisation: Brand is everything to a commercial operation, which is why we make sure that all of our products are available with extensive customisation and personalisation options. We can reliably deliver a completely custom look to your commercial washroom.
  • Esteemed project management: We can help to capably fit out a commercial washroom space with complete peace of mind, as we work with a variety of contractors and architects creating buildings for many sectors – so we have the experience of managing installations to the highest standard.
  • Precise, standardised product specifications: When you are fitting out a new commercial building you can rely on our standardised specifications, for the ultimate dependability when replacing individual products or carrying out maintenance after the washroom is complete.

For a clearer look at the high-quality products that we deliver you can take a look at our helpful product guide. We usually find that commercial architects and contractors like to get a tactile feel for our products and materials, which you can do by ordering our extensive available samples.

You can get a detailed picture of the quality of our work by checking out our case studies page. A good example of a relevant case study is one for a client who wanted a cost-effective solution for their tricky commercial office space in Gredley House, London – feel free to view for pictures and technical breakdowns.

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We use the same high standards in all of our washroom installation and refurbishment projects, whether that is for a commercial washroom, school locker room or simply a public toilet. As an industry-leading installation company, we can guarantee the best results for commercial spaces.

Our quality products last a long time and will be a valuable addition to office blocks or any other type of commercial building. Please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about the remarkable washroom systems we create as leading commercial washroom installers.