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Washroom Cubicles

Concept Cubicle Systems are proud to provide washroom cubicles and toilet cubicle systems for customers throughout the UK. We know how difficult – and expensive – it can be trying to find the right washroom cubicles for your space. That’s why we provide washroom cubicles that are long-lasting, easy to maintain, hygienic, aesthetically pleasing, hardwearing, and vandal-proof – all without breaking the bank!

What is a Washroom?

A washroom is a space specially designed for personal hygiene use. Put simply, a washroom is a place where people can wash themselves in shower facilities, store their belongings in lockers and use the toilet facilities. Essentially, washrooms are commercial bathrooms that are separated by gender or unisex. Cleanliness of washrooms is of high concern among the public and, therefore, washroom cubicles must be easy to maintain for commercial cleaners. Washroom cubicles are one of the most fundamental components of a commercial washroom space. And having a quality washroom can really reflect the high-standards of your business, setting a tone of professionalism.

Washroom Toilet Cubicles from Our Olympus Range

Toilet cubicles in a washroom are a basic necessity and their durability and quality are of utmost importance, if you want to purchase cubicles that last a long time. When considering which toilet cubicles are right for you and your washroom, why not browse through our collection?

At Concept Cubicle Systems, we provide the Olympus cubicle range which has been specifically designed for use in demanding and wet environments. Utilising water resistant Compact Grade Laminate, our Olympus toilet cubicles are specially designed to increase the longevity of your toilet cubicles.

The Key Features of the Olympus Range

When considering cubicles for your washroom, there are certain points to have in mind and these will vary depending on your requirements. Some of the key features we offer, through our Olympic Range, here at Concept Cubicle Systems are:

  • Anti-trap hinges
  • Fully framed cubicle system
  • Water resistant laminate
  • Vandal resistant laminate

Here at Concept Cubicle Systems, we are proud to offer a wide range of cubicles to suit every space, wet area, and vandal-prone environment. Our Olympus range also incorporates bench seating, secure lockers for people’s belongings, and glass cubicles for shower facilities. Everything in the Olympus range is manufactured for wet environments and all the different Olympus cubicles/lockers/bench seating options have been specifically made to compliment each other, so that your washroom can look flawless.

Our Washroom Toilet Cubicles Have All the Fittings You Need

All our washroom toilet cubicles are delivered with all the necessary fixtures and fittings needed to ensure you’re left with a functional washroom. Our team at Concept Cubicle Systems are all highly experienced and qualified to offer a complete washroom and toilet cubicle installation, delivering the perfect finish and fit to our customers, every time.

Easy to Maintain Washroom Cubicles

The washroom cubicles we sell here at Concept Cubicle Systems, are all easy to maintain, making them a popular choice for many. Here at Concept Cubicle Systems we understand how difficult it can be to maintain cubicles in public spaces due to the high volume of people using them. That’s why all our cubicles are easy to clean, vandal-free and aesthetically pleasing. By purchasing your washroom cubicles through Concept Cubicle Systems, you can enjoy the ease of a cubicle system that is easier to maintain than ever before.

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If you would like to request cubicles for your washroom, our Olympus Range could be just what you need. Call Concept Cubicle Systems today to talk through your requirements with one of our experts. We would be more than happy to help advise you on the ideal cubicles for your washroom.