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Industrial Washroom Design & Installation

Industrial washrooms in their truest sense are suitable for heavy industry and large-scale commercial settings where strong hygiene levels and robust performance is essential for good business.

When you choose us for industrial bathrooms and commercial washrooms you will get the following benefits of our superb quality design and installation company:

  • Data-led planning and installation: By using innovative practices such as building information modelling (BIM), we can easily improve planning to reduce time spent, waste and ensure equipment is a standard specification. Careful design and planning help us to reduce project costs.
  • Fast turnarounds: We understand that poor turnaround times are a major issue in commercial and industrial settings, so we guarantee extremely fast turnaround times – typically around just 4 weeks in most cases. Our levels of experience enable us to resume normal operations as soon as possible.
  • Prices to suit most budgets: Balancing any budget can be tricky, so we pride ourselves on giving you a fast, accurate and cost-effective price for your installation, with solutions to suit almost any need with great ease. By using low-cost materials we can offer product options to suit all budgets.

We are experts in delivering outstanding washroom services across the UK and you will see our impeccable levels of quality when you use our services. You can also use our products through the NBS National BIM Library via our specifier hub. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to learn more.

Learn More About Our Industrial Washroom Equipment

When it comes to fitting out a commercial space with an industrial washroom, we are the wise choice if you want a fast result at a cost-effective price that uses the best products on the market. Our durable washroom equipment features sturdy materials, which can handle the rigours of everyday use in industrial areas.

Although it would make a valuable addition to any setting, our industrial washroom equipment is ideal for the following spaces:

  • Factories: A busy factory floor will require a hygienic and durable space to properly cater for employees and also to make sure daily operations run smoothly. Sturdy industrial washroom design ensures everyone has the right equipment to quickly, thoroughly practise proper hygiene.
  • Retail: Whether you have a supermarket or another setting where goods are handled by staff in rugged environments, industrial washrooms provide effective toilets, sinks and even showers for workers who face the public and manage products day-to-day.
  • Warehouses: Distribution centres and larger commercial environments can benefit from industrial washroom equipment, which helps to optimise the operation. With efficient systems that enable employees, clean quickly our washroom exceptional washroom designs provide a business uptick

Although we have a wide range of equipment that is ideal for any setting, some specific items set themselves apart in our line of products as they are particularly useful for industry. Amazing products that are ideal for industrial and commercial spaces include the following:

Trimline Cubicles

Our sleek Trimline cubicles offer maximum privacy with a hardwearing design that is ideal for any industrial or commercial washroom. The Trimline design uses a vandal and water-resistant wooden laminate door paired with powder-coated aluminium ironmongery – giving the sturdy door a clearance level of just 50 mm.

With privacy and performance at heart, this is an excellent option for when you want to incorporate both toilets and showers in a washroom. As showers are often a key part of industrial washrooms, the Trimline cubicles offer excellent versatility.


Solid Surface Wash Trough

The use of a wash trough instead of individual basins is a crucial component of industrial bathroom design. With a single basin, you can have a broader range of movement, which is ideal for industrial settings where people want to thoroughly wash their hands and arms – and without the associated issues of splashback.

Made with acrylic and finished by hand, these bright, easy-to-clean wash troughs will make for an ideal accompaniment to any industrial washroom. With durable, hard-wearing, troughs you also get a high-aesthetic interior design for the space.


Laminate Duct Panels

A sure sign of a quality washroom is preventative measures to make the cleaning and maintenance of vanity units, toilet cubicles and washroom accessories easier to complete. Laminate duct panels help here as they cover and protect pipework, ducting and other parts of the washroom system while being very easy to clean.

Duct panels can also suit a brick wall, and it is very simple to affix stainless steel hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, toilet roll dispensers and other accessories. Flexibility and cost-effectiveness make duct panels a vital piece of equipment.


Get High-Quality Industrial Washroom Installations

Whether it is a clever way to store the toilet paper, position the soap dispensers or other bathroom ideas – we have the edge when it comes to delivering the best industrial washrooms in the UK. Our amazing products, equipment and design skills combine to deliver outstanding results fast, and at a cost-effective price.

Our team members pride themselves on their ability to find washroom solutions for a wide range of sectors. You can make use of our impeccable services anywhere in the UK, with industrial washrooms that use the best products – for high-performance results. Please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.

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