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Using a solid surface trough sink can add a practical and aesthetically pleasing look to your washroom space. A trough sink provides the opportunity for communal handwashing, so they can save space and time by allowing people to wash their hands quickly and with ample space to access the basin.

Our sinks featuring solid surface trough designs offer a bigger space to wash your hands and assist in limiting water splashes, which makes them simpler to clean. A solid-surface substance is a man-made material, such as Corian, that can mimic materials such as granite or marble at a lower cost and is easier to work with.

We are experts in the installation of solid surface trough sinks and many other washroom products. Troughs work in a variety of settings, particularly where people will get their hands dirty regularly and areas that have a lot of use. Contact us today for a free quote.

Where To Use Solid Surface Troughs and Sinks

The following areas are suitable for solid surface troughs, they will give a great benefit to users in these settings:

  • Medical settings: We offer options for medical settings, including designs from our range of solid surface troughs. These troughs are anti-corrosion, so will withstand the use of strong cleaning products, which is very important for hygiene.
  • Schools: Because they can withstand consistently heavy use, troughs are suitable for schools. The lightweight acrylic material is very easy to clean and provides a hygienic surface for science labs or sports recreation facilities.
  • Garages and mechanics: Harsh chemicals and oils can more easily be washed off with the depth of a trough. It is possible to reach your entire hand and parts of your upper arm underneath the running tap for a more thorough clean.

Flat, curved or slanted trough designs are available, which will provide efficient draining and increase hygiene further. Although the areas we discuss are particularly suitable for a wash trough sink, this design is perfect for any area with heavy use or when particularly thorough hygiene is necessary.

Other benefits of our solid surface troughs include:

  • abrasion resistance
  • colour fastness under artificial light
  • crack resistance
  • easy maintenance
  • heat resistance
  • hygienic
  • impact resistance
  • moisture resistance
  • resistance to chemicals
  • scratch resistance

Solid surface materials offer a wide range of colours and finishes including sparkled, granite, marble and wood grain. The standard colours available can help your washroom fit with any branding concerns in a commercial space.

Our Wash Trough Installation Services

We will first work with you by letting our inventive design team come up with a custom solution that is suitable for your budget. Our experience helps us to come up with clever tricks for making sure we do not compromise on design or costs.

The installation team provides a superb level of craftsmanship, which makes sure your wash trough project is sturdy and will function as needed for a long time. You can enjoy a fast turnaround time using our efficient practices and experienced technicians.

Install Solid Surface Trough Sinks Quickly and At a Low Cost

Solid-surface material provides a durable and hard-wearing product with a range of finishes. Using a trough provides a communal sink space that is very efficient to use and easy to clean, even in places where hygiene is paramount.

Our team can work with you to provide an installation that exceeds your expectations and makes use of only the best quality products. Contact us today for a fast and accurate quote.

FAQs and Useful Information

The following are some frequently asked questions and useful information about solid surface materials, trough sinks and the services we provide:

What are some examples of solid surface materials?

There are a lot of solid surface materials. The most notable, Corian, originates from the 1960s and had protection from a patent held by the DuPont company. After this patent expired many competitors and innovators began to develop solid surface materials including the following:

  • Aristech Avonite
  • Corinthian Solid Surface
  • Formica Group Solid Surfacing
  • Hanwha Hanex
  • Karonia Surfaces
  • Kerrock Kolpa
  • Meganite
  • Velstone

There are many other types and brands in use.

Are solid surface materials safe?

Solid surface materials have had extensive testing and certification for their safety. The solid surface materials we select do not use any toxic substances and are perfectly safe for use.

How long will my installation take?

While we install in the fastest possible time using our efficient team certain things may take longer than others. If you have a large installation this will usually take a longer time to complete. Additionally, sites with poor access for transporting materials and equipment can add to the installation time.

How much will my installation cost?

We aim to keep costs low while still using the best products. The cost of your installation will depend upon the size of your installation, the materials you select and the overall difficulty of your project.

Why are solid surface troughs better than regular sinks?

A solid surface wash trough provides a communal washing space that is larger than a regular sink on a vanity unit. They are hard-wearing and will resist damage in a way that porcelain cannot do. In general, they are the more cost-effective option as they offer larger hand washing areas at a lower price than sinks.

What else do people use solid surface materials for?

Many things. Countertops are the main use for solid surface materials, but they can also be useful for shower units and baths. Solid surface materials can undergo a process of thermoforming where it can be heated and moulded into different shapes, so there are many potential uses.