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Ideas For Beautiful Children’s Washrooms

When it comes to washroom designs children are often overlooked as the core users of a given washroom space. However, in spaces used predominantly by children, a themed kids bathroom has many potential benefits to a child’s development, cognitive health and overall wellbeing.

Our children’s washroom range includes some of the following cubicle designs:

What many of us do not remember is learning how to use a bathroom or washroom in our early childhood, but it can be confusing and stressful as kids get used to managing bladder and bowel movements on their own over several years.

Overall, by effectively designing a kids bathroom you can provide the following benefits for children:

  • Security and comfort:For children, staying dry can be a daunting prospect especially with imposing large basins, unmovable heavy doors and sturdy locks. However, with the right products, you can make sure a child feels more secure and develops a confident relationship to an essential activity.
  • Hygiene:Most children do not have a clear understanding of good hygiene. Luckily, with special materials in toilet cubicles, doors and basins, you can keep surfaces cleaner. Boosting hygiene will make it easier for children to maximise their cleanliness while reducing staff cleaning times.
  • Psychological progressions: Many experts believe maximising colours and displaying different shapes stimulate a child’s brain. While children naturally learn and develop as they grow, regular exposure to the cognitive stimuli of vibrant designs in a washroom can contribute.

When installing a children’s washroom in a school or nursery it is easy for low-quality products to reduce the effectiveness of your final result. However, it is quite simple to boost the chances of a perfect outcome from your installation with our unique products – all of which use robust yet low-cost materials.

If you are interested in installing children’s washrooms for a commercial, public or educational setting then we are reliable partners. Our imaginative team can provide a solution to suit most budgets alongside the most efficient installations – to guarantee a quality result.

What Are Some Ideas For Themed Kids Bathrooms?

It can be difficult to find the right inspiration for even the most basic decorating ideas. This frustration is compounded by the fact that hesitation and unnecessary delays will impact your project timeframe and budget. For this reason, we offer our amazing design services – with imaginative washroom solutions perfectly suited for the unique aspects of your space.

However, for some ideas of what might work for kids, the following are broad potential ideas for children’s washrooms – intended for nursery age and other relatively young children:

  • Nautical theme: A popular choice is a nautical theme, children enjoy the feeling of a boat-based adventure – think treasure chests, anchors, boats and sails, perhaps the occasional eye-patched parrot.
  • Undersea: A beautiful environment for a child to imagine is underwater, which they will associate with the sounds of running water in a washroom. Designs with mermaids, shells and underwater creatures all work well.
  • Clouds, sunshine and rainbows: The features of a mobile in a child’s room translate well to the real world and help provide a familiar environment. Designs like sunny faces, rainbow shapes and clouds are good examples.

A classic example of the clouds, sunshine or rainbows style of washroom design is evident in our ‘Little Ones’ cubicles. These hard-wearing doors feature magnetic catch locks alongside their eye-popping visuals, which helps prevent any accidental lock-ins.

The above themes are available for many toilet cubicle partitions, doors, sinks and washbasins. Additional decals, accessories or painting and decorating work can provide a much better experience at a small extra cost, so may be worth doing.


What Are Some Important Things to Remember For Children’s Washrooms?

We create many types of washrooms suitable for a range of sectors. A kid-friendly interior designer will be able to advise on the best designs and colour schemes – but they can also point out things you might not think of such as the following:

  • Locks and hinges: We touched on this before with our discussion of the ‘Little Ones’ product range, but age-appropriate lock and hinge designs are an absolute must.
  • Heights: Installations for children naturally have height requirements! You can buy specific products for the age range you are serving. For example, we offer cubicles for young children as well as for those in primary schools.
  • Surfaces: Children might run, jump or spin around in circles while doing almost anything, as a result non-slip, impact-resistant surfaces are vital for their care! You can also use chemical resistant surfaces for easier cleaning.

Also, remember that while children in primary schools and higher levels of education can benefit from themed designs, there is less benefit to providing playful or simulating colour schemes for pupils beyond around 5-8 years of age.

There are so many possible product combinations to pick from, which can make it hard to choose. Please see our product guide for some excellent examples.


Inspiring Children’s Washrooms and Bathroom Designs

Whether you are running a nursery, child-friendly hotel or retail space, a solid children’s washroom design will make a better environment for a child to use.

There are also great benefits for the people cleaning and maintaining these spaces. Better design means you keep the costs and timescale of your children’s washroom project on point and ultimately gives you a longer-lasting result.

Whether you have a small nursery bathroom to fit or intend on opening the next Disneyland we can help find beautiful children’s bathroom designs, with superb quality products and excellent installation standards in the UK.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to start your project today.

FAQs and Useful Information

The following are some commonly asked questions about children’s washrooms and the services we provide:

How Fast Are Your Installations?

We pride ourselves on a very fast turnaround time, we aim to complete most projects within 4 weeks. If you choose our installation services you will get the best from your timeframe as we use data-led construction technologies such as building information modelling. By using the best planning, specification and construction techniques we can minimise time-on-site and maximise efficiency, as well as reducing waste and the overall cost burden of a project.

What Price Can I Expect to Pay For Children’s Washrooms?

While building work has a degree of fluctuation in terms of the final price we are confident that we can find a solution to suit most budgets. The number of products and materials required, preparation time and ease of access that may be available can influence costs. If you are planning a larger scale project in a commercial or public space we can offer scalable solutions and great efficiency to make substantial designs less cumbersome financially.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.

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