What is a Superloo?
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What is a Superloo?

A superloo is an all in one washroom solution, featuring a toilet, a basin, and hand drying facilities all within a single room. In this handy guide from Concept Cubicles Systems, we’ll explore the specific features of superloos, and the benefits that installing superloos can bring to your washroom spaces.

What is Included in a Superloo?


A superloo is designed as a single room, containing a full washroom experience. A toilet is obviously an essential component of a superloo, alongside a vanity unit containing at a minimum a basin. Modern vanity units can be installed with a superloo, such as a mirrorBox, a beautiful mirror that can be designed to include a concealed soap dispenser, a paper towel dispenser, or a hot air dryer.

Superloos prioritise sleek design, with toilet cisterns obscured behind duct panels, and vanity units and hand drying facilities combined together. Vanity units can be complemented with a mirror, offering the complete washroom experience within a compact cubicle.

What are the Unique Benefits of Superloos?

There are several specific benefits for a business or public space that can come from installing a superloo as their washroom option.

  • Gender Neutral: Superloos make a great choice for a gender neutral washroom. Due to their privacy, and their complete washroom features, they are suitable for users of all genders. This can be further complemented by the installation of a sanitary product bin within the vanity unit. If you have limited space within your commercial or public building but want to offer a high-quality washroom experience, a superloo can easily be used for a space-saving gender neutral washroom.
  • Unrivalled Privacy: Superloos offer peerless privacy to washroom users, fully enclosing them within a space. This can help to make gender neutral washrooms feel safe for users, creating inclusive spaces for people of all gender identities.
  • Next Level Washroom Hygiene: Due to their all in one design, superloos offer a more hygienic washroom solution, helping to minimise germ transmission in a variety of environments. High traffic areas like gyms and shopping centres can benefit from the advanced hygiene features of a superloo. A superloo design that emphasises flat panels and hidden features can be very easy to clean, and the separate nature of superloos minimises the close personal contact that can be found in conventional shared vanities. After the events of the Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene has never been a higher priority in washroom design. At CCS we have a range of Laminate Duct Panels designed to hide toilet cisterns and piping within a wall, offering a clear, flat surface to clean.
  • Stylish Washroom Designs: Installing superloo facilities within your office, leisure centre, or restaurant can bring an unprecedented sense of style to your washroom. With sleek panels, modern toilet designs, and all in one vanity units, a superloo can offer a stylish, clean, and safe washroom experience to all users. We can fit your superloo with our beautiful Sunlit Days Vanities, our multipurpose mirrorBoxes, or our customisable Duct Panelling.

Bespoke Superloo Designs from Concept Cubicle Systems


CCS offers bespoke superloo designs, with our brilliant team supporting the design and specification process for your business or public building. We have designed and installed personalised washroom systems across the UK, working with a wide assortment of companies

Whatever you are looking for in a superloo, be it security, hygiene, or gender neutral designs, CCS can create a bespoke solution for you. We work using standardised product specifications, allowing us to plan solutions for our clients quickly and effectively. We can work with both smaller and larger companies, scaling our bespoke superloos around your budget.If you are interested in finding out more about our superloo options or looking to make an enquiry about ordering a bespoke superloo, contact us through our website today.

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