Innovative Washroom Scheme
Unveiled at Material Source Glasgow

The Project


Material Source Studio, with hubs in both Glasgow and Manchester, serves as an inspirational space for the entire built environment community, encompassing architects, designers, and property professionals across the UK.

Both destinations are beautiful and useful in equal measure. And so, this same set of values applied to their washroom scheme at their Scotland location.

As one of the founding partners of Material Source Studio, we joined forces with Creative Director Darren Clanford to craft two distinctive washroom schemes. For their male washroom, we collaborated with other partners to create a light and airy environment that aligns with the studio’s ethos of innovation and design excellence.

Material Source’s male washroom features a light, neutral palette designed to instil a sense of openness and brightness throughout the space. Selecting our Identity cubicle range, its flush, streamlined cubicle doors and pilasters in Beige Nature (B119) created a seamless solution that complemented against the mottled stone look of Altro’s Urban Mineral wall covering.

A multi Solid Surface wash trough in Carbon Aggregate was installed, featuring a subtle slope and a partial gap for concealed waste, and was cantilevered to achieve a striking floating appearance. Collaborating with other partners at Material Source, the light washroom scheme exudes a welcoming atmosphere, inviting visitors to experience tranquility amidst the studio’s bustling environment.

This washroom schemes stand as testament to Material Source Studio’s dedication to sustainable design excellence for interiors. Through thoughtful collaboration and meticulous attention to detail, the result is a high-end male washroom that not only elevates the space, but also embody the studio’s commitment to innovation and design.

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