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Force Range of Cubicle Systems

Force Range of Cubicle Systems

Thank you for visiting our Force range page, which is tailored for the education sector. When it comes to universities and schools where washrooms can be open to misuse, it’s import to have a cubicle system that can withstand a harsh environment.

Our Force range is particularly popular in the education sector and can withstand all the vigour’s of everyday use. If you’re a contractor with clients in the education sector, or you are responsible for renovations in a school, college or university, then look no further than our Concept Cubicle Systems Force range.

Our Force range utilises vandal and water resistant Compact Grade Laminate and bolt through heavy duty Satin Anodised Aluminium (SAA) ironmongery. All our Force cubicles are designed to increase the life-cycle of a washroom or shower area, so are perfect for the education sector.

Our Force range, which can be used for both toilet cubicles and shower cubicles in the education sector is ideally suited for environments that can handle a large footfall and extensive use.

We offer a wide array of cubicle systems and our bespoke Force range is especially popular with contractors and building companies that have customers in the education industry. This means schools, universities, colleges and other educational office buildings that offer washroom facilities for either their members of staff or for the public.

If you are manage a building company that has contracts for renovations in the education sector and need a cubicle system that can withstand harsh use, then our Force range is an excellent choice.

As well as being extremely durable our Force range of cubicles also offer great aesthetics with over 50 colour combinations. The panels can be made to match or contrast each other as well as surrounding surfaces.


12-13mm Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) doors, partitions and pilasters

Black core with a radiused edge

Satin Anodised Aluminium bolt through Ironmongery as standard

Standard dimensions

1950mm Standard Height (c/w 150mm leg) x 1500mm deep

Non-standard dimensions are available on request.

If you’re a contractor and have been requested to install a tough cubicle system or washroom, or you manage a school or university and need to upgrade your washrooms, then check out our Force range as it’s among the best you’ll find on the market. We work hard to keep our prices competitive, so you’ll find our products can fit into your budget. Feel free to contact us today with any questions, or to obtain a free quotation for your project.

Our education industry standard cubicle systems are perfect for washrooms in schools, universities, colleges and any other part of the educational sector.


Moisture Resistance


12mm Compact Grade Laminate


Satin Anodised Aluminium

Standard Dimensions

1800mm high (+150mm leg) x 1500mm deep